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Mitzvah's last day

Mitzvah's last day

By ShelterPetsOnly

Mitzvah was one of the most enchanting creatures to ever walk this Earth. She was a snow white great pyrenees mix, with soft, brown eyes that made you feel safe and loved when you looked into them. Mitzvah was a Canine good Citizen, and was a therapy dog for children with special needs, an agility champion, and best of all, a friend. My friend.

The day I met her was amazing, and a lucky one. I had dropped off 50 pounds of dog food at our local animal shelter when something caught my eye. From a distance, I spotted a pretty white dog. naturally, I walked up to her. She greeted me with deep brown eyes, ad a fluffy wagging tail. At that moment I knew I had to adopt her. After the adoption precess was finished, the lady at the shelter said, "Good thing you adopted her, it was her last day before being put down." I smiled, shook her hand, and left with my dog. Mitzvah. The perfect name for a perfect pup, i thought to myself. From that moment on, my life was never the same. I was happier. I would start my day with a smile, and come home with a smile, waiting to see Mitzvah. I loved her and she loved me. AS I pet the top of her head, I whispered "You are going to be my best friend."

12 years of this, until one day, Mitzvah started acting strange.Her glossy white fur was starting to get rough, and fell out at some places, and she would not eat. I rushed her to the vet a quickly as I could. After a nervous hour of waiting at the vet office, our vet came out and told me the worst news I have ever heard. "Lizzie, Mitzvah is 12 years old, and..." I could hear his voice drop as shivers crawled up my spine. I knew what he was going to say next. "She is in pain, and I would suggest putting her to sleep. She has a kidney infection, and her old age has worn down her bones..." As a silent tear dripped down my face, my heart was about to break. I knew she was in pain, and I only wanted what was best for her. "When?" I replied. "Tomorrow at this time" he replied. He could obviously could see my pain. As I trudged back to the car with Mitzvah, I could tell this would be the worst 24 hours ever. As I stroked her head, I said, "You are my best friend"

The first hour was filled with my tears, and the gentle strokes that I gave Mitzvah. She looked at me, and licked me, wondering what was the matter. I was surrounded by my other pets: Tybalt, my deaf red fox that we had rescued two years ago, Josh, my Husky-German Shepherd mix, and Belle, my calico cat. They all seemed to sense something was wrong. About an hour later, I had cleared myself up. I decided to get the large leather scrapbook of pictures from Mitzvah's life. I laughed at the picture of Tybalt, Josh and Mitzvah playing at the dog park, and smiled when I saw the picture of Mitzvah licking the child with down syndrome, as he cheerfully laughed, and I started to sob at the picture of when I first got her. That took a few hours of my time. Then I proceeded to cook some chicken to give her. When it was done, she leaped up onto me, as she had done many times before. As I fed her the chicken, I smiled, and for once, I could appreciate the drool that she left everywhere, or the hair she would shed, or even the constant barking. It's funny how you never appreciate something until it's gone. I went to our family room, my pets following me, and decided to light a fire in the fireplace. I tried to think positive thoughts, but nothing could be positive. It was late at this point, around 12, and Mitzvah was due at three. Somehow, with all these troubles, I dozed off. When I awoke, it was only 12 in the morning, and i remembered Mitzvah. I decided that it would be fun for her to visit the dog park which he loved so much. I slipped on her collar and leash, and let her into the car. I didn't realize at the time it would be her last time being at home. We spent a glorious afternoon at the dog park, before I looked at the time. I slowly drove to the vets office, hoping that it was all just a bad dream, but I wasn't. As the warm, salty tears ran down my cheek, I wobbled into the vets office. The vet came out in his snow-white lab coat, and took Mitzvah's leash. As I bent down, she licked me. I felt awful, but i could see she was in pain, by the way she limped. One last time, I bent down, kidded her, hugged her, and patted her on the head saying, "You were my best friend."

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12 May, 2011
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4 mins
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