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A Moment of Panic
A Moment of Panic

A Moment of Panic

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It was a crisp, fresh, fall evening, and the sun was beginning to set. Colors of orange and blues meshed together as they danced across the glowing sky. I had just finished talking with my grandparents and was proceeding to ride my peddle bike home. My family lives in a very rural area. Your nearest neighbor lives quite a distance away from you, and in between each house, there are rolling fields of Sagebrush and Cacti.

As I was riding down the road, I saw a rust-colored truck parked on the side of the road. I thought this was rather strange because he had parked his vehicle partially in the weeds on the side of the road. Where I come from the roads are not very wide. Thinking nothing of it, I continued to ride down the road.

As I began riding my bike around the curve of the road, I glanced behind me to see the truck following directly behind me. "Maybe he just decided to continue driving," I thought as I pushed away unwanted thoughts that crept into my mind. Anxious to get home safely, I sped up. My heart continued to race when I noticed that he sped up too. As I glanced down at my foot, I saw that my shoe had become untied. Cautiously slowing down, I hurried and tied my shoe and began to climb back up on my bike. My heart dropped when the truck slowed down right beside me, and the man began to unroll his window. The man in the rusty truck was someone I did not recognize, so I sped off as fast as I could.

My first thought was to retreat into my neighbor's yard. An overwhelming sense of dread consumed me when I remembered that no one was home as they had left town. My mind raced as it thought of alternative plans. Knowing that the next house was over two more large hills, I quickly veered off to the right down a dirt road that lead to the alfalfa fields that my family-owned. My legs were exhausted, and it was the fastest I had ever peddled my bike in my whole life. Plugging forward, I hopped off my bike when I could see that I was out of sight. Thinking fast, I threw the bike in the weed across the road from me, knowing that if he came speeding down here to find me, he would think I continued down left of the road instead of to the right.

My feet trampled the weeds as I swiftly ducked behind a bush. I could see the man parked in the entryway of the dirt road. I watched as the door to his truck flew open. The man walked around in circles. His head bobbed as he looked around, confused in many directions. Throwing his arms to his side in frustration, he got back in his truck and drove off.

Turning around, I sat down in the dirt behind the bush. My heart was racing, and my head was spinning. After I caught my breath, I rode my bike home. As soon as I got home, I realized that I was starving. I was not sure why I was so hungry, I just was. So, I made a yummy sandwich. As I ate my lunch and thought over the day's events, I thought to my self, "Maybe, he just needed directions?" "My home town can be a confusing place to get around, mainly because we live in the middle of nowhere." Shaking my head, I felt no pity for the man. "What was he thinking following a young teenage girl down the road!" "Of course I was going to run from a strange man whom I had never seen before."

Author Notes: This is a true story about me

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30 Sep, 2019
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3 mins
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