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By Nickmeraglio19 - 1 Review

"One night I was outside drinking a beer by the fire pit while my other friend was smoking his cigarette. My phone rang it was an unknown caller I answered to a young women's voice she was a little hard to understand and I asked who she was.

"I am Momo...I'm watching you from the should Not be Drinking!"

I started at my friend and then into the woods behind my house. I then say into the phone.

"Thanks Mom." And hang up.

A few minutes later the phone rings again. I get mad and throw my phone down. I hear the "ding sound" letting me know I received a text message. It goes off a few more times. I get up and grab my phone. It was the same number this time texting me

"I'm not you mom I am Momo."

"I am watching you."

"I will kill you both."

"I'm coming now."

I text back and say

"Screw off I'm calling the police."

I didn't hear back anything for a few minutes until I heard the ding sound again and read this

"Go ahead they won't get to you in time."

With that I called the police. I heard laughter coming from the woods following a scream. Me and my friend took off for my house and we locked the door. We waited inside for the police to arrive. They came and we told them everything and showed them the texts. We never heard from "Momo" again until last night. I got a text early in the morning around six am. That read

"You shouldn't have called the police..I'm coming for you."

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24 Jul, 2019
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