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Monster In The Closet

Monster In The Closet

By Waynejesinawo

You have no idea where you are.who you are.what you are.the only thing you know is that you're in a closet....and the man in the next room is going to be dead you crack open the door, ever so see,sitting on a nearby beside table ,a faintly glimmering knife basically the only thing visible in the low light . You grab it thourgh somewhat hastily, and make a slight noise of metal against wood. You hear a rustle of sheets. You know for a fact the man is listening to what you do but you know he is there you hear him reach a woodchopper now you know you're in danger that might be the last day of your life he might chop your head. That time your in bed so after he gets a knife and crawls into your bed you have no idea what's going on you feel a sharp pain in your chest and you release a small groan of your pain. A force much stronger than he currently pushes you off the bed onto a pile of dead bodies then he stabbes you to death then after a minute he disapears. He leaves you dead imagineĀ 

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About This Story
8 Nov, 2014
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1 min
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