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Moods- Part 1
Moods- Part 1

Moods- Part 1

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I wake up gasping for breath.

I squeeze my eyes shut again because everything hurts. I don't move for a couple of minutes waiting for the pain to subside.

When I open my eyes I can barely see. I look around and realise I'm still in mommy's car.

"Mommy?" I ask quietly, my throat sore. "Mommy," I say louder than before. There is a pause

Then a reply.

"Zeke." Her voice is small and her breathing is shaky.

"Mommy I'm hurting." I tell her.

"What hurts?" She asks.

"Everything." I say. A couple of moments pass and I wonder if she heard me. "Mommy-" I'm cut off by loud sirens. Then I see flashing red and blue lights. They're blinding in the darkness of the night. I look away from the lights and ask "Mommy, what's that?" Her voice is so quiet I can barely hear her through the screaming sirens.

"It's going to be ok Zekey, You're going to be ok."

Those were her last words.

11 years later

I walk to school and go straight to my first class. I sit down at my desk while my math teacher Mr. Truman greets the students entering the room.

The bell rings and he starts teaching.

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15 Apr, 2021
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