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Moods- Part 3
Moods- Part 3

Moods- Part 3

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Ailee's pov.

The boy named Ezekial Hale walked into Mr. Smith's office. He had olive skin and he was taller than me. Emerald green eyes peeked out of his brown hair as if he didn't like making eye contact. I zone out while studying him. The way he stands, the way he talks, the way he acts. Something about him.. is off.

"Great!" Mr. Smith says clapping his hands together and pulling me back from my thoughts. He looks at me, "Ailee go with Zeke, he will help with your classes and questions." He says smiling. I return the smile.

"Ok!" I tell him pleasantly.

Once we are out of the office I follow Ezekial to my first class. I should figure out what's different about him. I think.

I stop walking. He notices and turns around to see what the hold up is.

"Hi, I'm Ailee." I tell him giving him my hand. He shakes it.

"I'm Zeke, nice to meet you." He replies.

"Nice to meet you too!" I say smiling, "Now tell me about yourself." I add.

He looks surprised but answers quickly.

"My name is Ezekial Hale, I'm 6'2''. My dad was murdered when I was 3 and my mom died in a car crash when I was 5. I have an adopted family and I'm 16. I can also control people's moods." when he's done he brings his hand to his mouth shocked. "What the heck did you do?" He snaps. Ignoring his question I ask,

"You can control moods?" I know what the answer is when he hesitates.

"No." He responds. I break into a smile at the fact that he actually tried to lie to me.

"Yeah you can!" I say brightly. He stays quiet. "I know because I can make people tell the truth." I tell him exposing my secret. His eyes go wide and I can tell he's surprised.

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29 Apr, 2021
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