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Moods- Part 7
Moods- Part 7

Moods- Part 7

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Ezekial's pov.

I lay awake in bed thinking about the revelation of today. I am unable to sleep while I wonder if Ailee moving here was just a coincidence or if she's here for some unknown reason. Questions cloud my head. Why would she tell me about her power so openly? How did she know I had a power? Why do we have the same classes? Who is she?

I know it was a stroke of luck that Sage, Leon, and Finn had powers. We became friends in 6th grade when we happened to sit at the same lunch table. We found out about each other's powers in 8th grade, when Finn broke his arm and came back the next week with it as good as new. People thought he just had a quick recovery, but we didn't believe it. After he told us about his power, we shared ours. We are now seniors, getting ready to graduate. I haven't told anyone except for them about my power. Of course my parents knew about it. It's the reason that my dad was killed. It's the reason someone had crashed into my mom's car, killing her. I had decided not to tell my adopted family.

Having powers wasn't all sunshine and rainbows. People would kill you for having them. For being different. Then there are the people who would use you for your power. I personally think it's sick to use people for your own personal gain. There's people who are scared of your powers. Of what they can do. There are also people who accept you, people who help you when there's no one else to turn to. That was my parents. That's Leon's, Sage's, and Finn's parents. Their parents could've just used them and their powers. But they didn't.

I don't know if Ailee's parents accepted her and her powers. I don't trust her, but I can't stop myself from caring about others. This whole day Ailee was calm, aside from when I told her secret. But the thing is.. There was something beneath her calmness. There was something else that she was feeling. There was something else, I couldn't quite see. Something lurking beneath her peaceful composure. Although I do not know what it was, the feeling wasn't pleasant.

And it scares me to think of what it might be.

Author Notes: Hope you enjoyed

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8 Nov, 2021
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