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More Than One Story
More Than One Story

More Than One Story

ChaseAnnabeth Chase
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Everybody is a mixture

Of many differents pieces

So why do we always try to make them just one

Smart people are always expected to be intelligent

Athletic people should be the fastest

Popular people always have to have the right clothes

And that's all people see

They don't bother to look further

They don't see how the popular kid loves chess

Or how the athletic kid is in math club

They see them as one thing

Even more

They don't see how they struggle

How the athlete thinks they'll be worthless if they're not the best

Or how the smart kid feels that they'll be abandoned if they don't ace the next test

The popular kids fear of being rejected for saying the wrong thing

People are made of a million different feeling and parts

So people need to be treated as such

Everybody wants to feel accepted

But not everyone is accepted for who they are

They are accepted for the act they put up

So be kind to others

See them for who they are

It's okay to be yourself

Be you

Even if it doesn't fit the perfect mold

Author Notes: Sorry, this is a little scattered...See people for who they are and be yourself!!

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Annabeth Chase
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15 Mar, 2022
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