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More Than That

More Than That

By VanDerKhan - 1 Review

He looked over the cliff. A huge open ground lay beneath where no grass would ever grow, no child would ever play. It was the perfect spot. Asghar was wearing whis favourite white full t-shirt with denim jeans. But you could'nt see the tears behind those sunglasses. He hung up the cal he was on and threw his cellphone from the cliff. Nobody will disturb him now. He was a tall handsome guy with a semi-spike hairstyle. But he never knew about the girls that were after him in high school. He was only 17. As he advanced slowly towards the edge, many thoughts ran through his head. Family, friends, soccer, music, Gurprit.
With a final prayer, he let himself go. He was tired of his failures. Studies wasn't meant for him but he didn't realize that. Many people would say it was a stupid thing to do and even though it was...another thought bothered him. It was not academics but emotions.
He had constantly asked these questions to himself : Why do mom and dad think you shouldn't discuss sex with kids, that it will lead them to a wrong road? Why does mom think that girls will ruin me, betray me? Why does dad expect so much from me? Why do they compare me with my best friend? Why couldn't Gurprit love me instead of Varunn?
The next day brought tears to everyone's eyes. Friends, family, everyone. Nobody expected that from Asghar. People knew him to be a quite boy with short temper but they knew he controlled his emotions well. Nobody knew his emotions would drive him this far.
Some of Asghar's friends turned to Gurprit for answers. She was in tears. She said maybe she was responsible for his death.
Maybe she was right. Asghar had met her as a schoolmate in a schoolbus two year back. She was new in town. Slowly they became good friends. Asghar fell in love with her but he didn't want to move things too quickly. He wanted her feelings for him to grow smoothly, steadily, firmly. He cared for her, about every little things for her. She told him about her best friend in her old town. His name was Varunn. Asghar was dissapointed at first but he knew he had a place in her heart. One year later she told him that she was going to Varunn that she loved him. This saddned Asghar. He didn't want her to leave and go back. He questioned if her love was true, if Varunn had been with her another girl, if he would accept her. He was desperate. He finally revealed his love for her and didn't want her to go. She straightaway refused him and went back.
Gurprit proposed to Varunn. They were happy for sometime. Varunn didn't care about her. He never told her anything. He fought with her, then apologize and then fight again. He would promise her things but would never fulfill it. After some time they broke up.
Gurprit still didn't care about Asghar. He tried his level best from his side but she wouldn't look at it. He would call her but she wouldn't answer. He'd text her messages to cheer her up, to comfort her, but she'd just delete them. She started hating him. An anger about a little thing which grew into hatred : his not wanting her to be Varunn's girlfriend. But Asghar never lost his love for her, even when he jumped off the cliff.
"Asghar didn't I tell you nver to call me again and..."
"Before you say anything, hear me out because I won't be able to call you after this. I love you, you that. I care for you, you know that. But I don't understand why you are so rude to me? Guess I'll never know..."
"...I told you to wait. I cared for you. Much more than your Varunn. I think you made a mistake by choosing him over me. But its alright. Love is about forgiveness. I forgive you. But you never forgave me for some crime you think I have commited. Even though I don't know where I went wrong, I'm sorry. I'm sorry if I caused you pain. I know we can never be together. May God bless you a happy life but I can't live without you. I love you so much. But remember one thing. I love you more than any Varunn can ever love. They won't give you enough as much as I could have and I hate to see you suffer. If you had chosen me above him, I would've given you more than that."

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19 Oct, 2010
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