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Morina: life is a living hell

Morina: life is a living hell

By misha74

Morgan's p.o.v

I first met my sister when I was five. Sabrina is older by 3 minutes and 36 seconds on march 6th 2000. My mom took me with her when she left because I had heart condition later we realized Sabrina had epilepsy (a brain disorder). Sabrina lived with our grandparents for the first few years of her life. My life was crap. So was hers. The day we met I had no idea I had a sister. They played it off like we were cousins for the first 2 years. But we figured it out.

"Hi." She was the one who started our first conversation, but we were both terribly shy. After that we were inseparable.

Sabrina's p.o.v

I first met my sister when I was 5. Morgan is 3 minutes 36 seconds younger than I am. mom took her when she left and left me with my nana and nanu because she had a heart condition but later we discovered I had epilepsy. Both of our lives sucked mega butt. When I met my sister I didn't even know who she was they told us we were cousins. LIES!!! Later we figured it out cause we cool.

"Hi" I said first not knowing what else to do. I was scared because she wasn't talking but its because we were both very shy. After that day we were inseparable.

Now lets talk about our dead beat father who left us for the air force and never once bothered to give a damn about us. Never seeing him till we were like 6 maybe 7. We aren't very close to him to be honest we hate him.

Author Notes: ~Hey guys well me and my sister Sabrina are ganna write a story about us!!!! There will be days where I write and days where she writes so.... There.... Ha <3~

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30 Nov, 2013
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