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Mother I'm Sorry

This story has some quality issues

Mother I'm Sorry

By WriterAzlyn101

On my first day of kindergarten I was terrified, I didn't know anyone and my mom was there for me, she didn't leave until i was less terrified, she's my best friend she's my mom. Now I'm in 7th grade and I've been treating my mom like she's nothing for 7 years and I hate myself for that, I have no control over it, I think I do it because I blame her for my dad leaving me when I was 5, why do I blame her? She had nothing to do with it my dad left me because he was busy, I think. My mom hit me once because I wouldn't give her my phone when she wanted it, I was so mad at her. Now I'm not. Now I just want to die because I treated her like even more nothing because I was mad. When my dad left me I was broken, I never listened to what anyone said, I did what I wanted whenever I wanted, I never paid attention in class, I got bad marks and I didn't even care, I never said "I love you" to anyone but my byfriend and my one sister, Not once have I said it to my mom. She thinks I don't love her. Truth is I do love her, she's always there for me when I need her, yeah maybe she might yell at me a lot but she's always doing things for me, well she used to always do things for me, truth is I do love her, and the last thing I said to her was I hate her. She dead! and the last thing I said to her is that I hate her! I hate myself. This is a letter to everyone I know. I love you all.

GoodBye everyone.

Author Notes: Hi I'm new to writing so if you like stories like this please leave comments if your able to do that on here. Please leave suggestions or tell me if i made some mistakes so i can fix them


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24 May, 2019
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