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Mother's Love

Mother's Love

By kennethfch

It was a very beautiful morning as the faint streaks of the sun can be seen through the tree branches. I was very busy preparing a proposal which must be handed in urgently to my always impeccable boss the following day. I moved to Singapore alone after I had completed my first degree to get a better job as a manager in a bank at Raffles Place. Both of my parents are still staying in the small little idyllic island in Malaysia. My mother is the one whom I respected the most. She gave me her love during my childhood years. She brought me up by facing a lot of problems and hardships. I love her so much in my heart and I will always do.

I am very busy attending meetings and preparing proposals for almost every day. I lived a very hectic life in order to get high salary and to bare my extreme expenses. I don’t have the time to visit my mum as I usually will only contact her through letters or just a call but this time I just don’t have the time to contact her at all. We remain silent for a year. It has been 4 years since I last moved here and I have never visited my mum even once. One day while I was having a meeting with other managers from China, my secretary rushed into my meeting room clumsily (as she always does) asking me to answer an urgent call. Well, I couldn’t leave this meeting just like this as it would affect the income of our bank. It will be a great loss to our bank. Therefore, I decided not to answer the call.

Few months have passed; I received a letter one morning in the mail. It was from my mum. I was shocked and I couldn’t even open my mouth to say a word. I was stunned for a moment. As I open the letter, my heart was filled with fear and disappointment.

My dearest son,

I knew you have been busy all the while. You are always my dearest son and I will always love you. As you are reading this letter, I won’t be around anymore. I have gone to a very far place. My heart will still be with you. I couldn’t look after you forever. I am sorry. You are the one whom I care and love the most. Son, I’m very happy to see that you are successful now. My last advice for you is health comes before wealth. I love you son. Take care.

With love,

I just couldn’t help myself and I had done something really very wrong. I felt extremely sorry for her. I regretted for what I had done. I decided to put a halt to all my work just to pay a visit at my old house in Penang. As I was opening the door slowly, my tears came down in buckets. This house reflected my golden times when I was a child sleeping on my mother’s arm soundly. Entering through the door with tears, I was astonished to see my mum sitting on her wheelchair. She was smiling beautifully at me. I was too excited to talk. I rushed towards her to give her a hug but she vanished out of a sudden. This was just an illusion in my mind which just couldn’t be forgotten.

After this hurtful incident, I have learnt a very powerful lesson. This has taught me that Money isn’t everything. Family must always come first. This gave me a big leap of life. We must always remember our mother. She is the one who gave us happiness and love. Charity begins at home. Money is just a piece of paper that causes lots of trouble to some people in this world.

Written by: C.H. FOONG

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13 Jan, 2010
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3 mins
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