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A Mother's Miscarriage

This story has some quality issues

A Mother's Miscarriage

By A_Lost_Girl

A bright light pierced my eyes, so I had to close them so that my eyes can get used to it. '' Are you ok huney?'' I looked at my father with weary eyes. I will never forget the looked he held that night, his eyes where puffy and red from crying and, his hair was a mess. It looked like he hasn't been sleepping in weeks. I ingnord his question, I was to busy looking around the room we where in. In the room was my father, my uncle Jessy, my aunt Cassy, my older cousin Maxine, and I. Max is tall and beautiful with firey red hair but, that night she samed different, distant mabe. I didn't get a good look at my uncle and aunt only their legs. My aunt's legs were shiny and looked like they the have been shaved, she wore a mid-thied red dress and heals of the same color. My uncle had black dress pants and sleek black shoes, they seemed out of place in the hospital like they were at a fancy restaurant.

Max held close as if I was going to disappered, my father was talking to my aunt and uncle for sometime, after sometime a doctor came and talked to them he wore a gold ring on his left hand and a silver watch. Once they were done talking the doctor escorted us all to a brown door; Father opened the door for all of us, in side mother was siting up on the bed and looking out the window. The sky was dark and clowdy, mother had her hair down her blond hair was messy and it went to her sholders. She didn't look st us yet, when I looked at her stomach it was almost flat, I looked at it for some time. I looked back at her face once again she was crying silent tears. Father stared to talk to her after some time she finly looked at us, when she looked at me she cryed out to me with her arms opend wide, max let me go, and I ran towards her, she held me I cryed with her not because I was sad. As my father talked to her telling her that every thing will be ok, I was replaying what happened that day in my mind: seeing mother falling to the ground cluching her stomach father called the ambulance and packed our stuff and drove to the hospital. At that time I didn't know what had happend, I know know, that night I lost my brother, and my Mother and y father had lost thier baby, their son.

Author Notes: This is my first story online that I have posted.


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29 Nov, 2017
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2 mins
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