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A Mother's Story
A Mother's Story

A Mother's Story


Amber was numb as they unloaded her husband’s body from the plane. The memorizing flag was draped across his casket. The soldiers formed a line and saluted as her husband's body was taken to the hearse. Amber tried to fight the tears that threatened as she saw the light reflect off the flag, it was truly beautiful. At that moment she could feel the love that her husband had for her and their daughter. She knew that he would always be with her. Even though her worst nightmare had become a reality she somehow felt a small sense of peace.


Amber stood in the doorway of her room as she looked at her now empty bed. She would never be able to hug him again.She held back tears as she thought about his smile and laughter, the laughter that she would never hear again.

"Mom.” Her daughter Peyton tried to speak between tears.

“Oh come here, sweetheart”

Peyton curled up next to her mother and just cried. Amber stroked her daughter's hair as she let the tears fall. She thought about all the wonderful memories she had of her husband Michael. They had been married for 10 years and those years had been full of joy and laughter as well as some tears. But they had definitely been the best years of her life. Even though their time together in this life had been cut short, she was grateful for the years that they did have together and she knew that she was still the luckiest girl in the world. She wasn’t just married to him till death due them part, but for all time and eternity. Their marriage was eternal and she knew that she would see him again in the next life. She couldn’t wait for that but Amber also knew that she needed to be the best mother she could, and raise her daughter to be a strong and faithful young woman.

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26 Apr, 2019
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1 min
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