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By windowpane

As the day turned to night, I looked out beyond my window. The shadows grow larger, the trees sway in the wind, and the moon hangs in the air, bright as a star. The weather report had called for rain, but on this cloudless night, the very idea seemed so foriegn. I look out towards the farmhouse, and notice the door open, strange. I had thought I had thought that I had closed it. The inside was dark, not even the outlines of the stalls were visible. I walked towards the kitchen door, I needed to close the barn door. I must have forgotten to close it, silly me. As I walked towards the door, i felt a sense of dread befall me, it seemed that some monster lay outside my safe haven, waiting for whatever fool wouild dare venture outside. I opened the door. there was nothing of course, just my nervous mind playing games on me. "Horrace!" I called, Horrace was my dog, a faithful german shephard. A gust of wind blows on my face, and little pin pricks of pain cover any exposed skin. I shivered, and walked out towards the barn. The door kept swaying, as if pushed by a invisible hand. The rattling door was startingto become annoying, creaking and growing in the wind. When I reached it, I slammed the door shut. Silencing the piercing screeches. I go to check on Horrace, his dog house is behind the barn. I go and find nothing. Horrace was chained to the pole, and yet he was not any where to be found. As i aproach the the pole, i nearly slip over a mysterious object. I pick it up to find that it is Horrace's leash, and it is coated in blood. I gasp and a wave of terror rips through me, what could have done this to him? All logic reasoned that this was the work of another person, and so i assumed that it must have been some of the local teens pulling what they thought of as a prank. I run out front of the barn, and see that the door is open again. I run towards the house, only 30 yards away. As i begin to run, I hear a sound behind me, I do not turn back to see what it could be. I hear it catching up, It was so close. I run into the door, and find that it is locked. I turn around and gasp. I see a creature, the body of a man, but walking on all fours and covered in grinning mouths. I start to scream, and it starts to laugh. Its mouths open up, and i stare at the rows and rows of teeth. Alll grinning

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21 Nov, 2013

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