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Mr Joyce

Mr Joyce

By esme

"so, you just teleported? No exclamation on how?, Mr Joyce, im afrade i do not understand." said Jerry, whilst he strode aroun his small apartment, grasping his hands tightly behind his back, his face graved with lines of fright and bitter anger because finding a hansom boy in his girlfrend's room, late at night, was quite disturbing.
"you dont need to undrstand, I did nothing wrong, its been hapening to me ever since two years ago, i have control of the date, but not the place." replied Mr Joyce, his legs were cramped under his body ware Jerry had beaten him down to the flor and tied him up! his hands tied fermly to his side.
"Sir, i am not deciving you, every word i say is true, please let me go, i did telaport here."
"no, what a lot of tosh!" screamed Jerry and turned to Mr Joyce and spat in his bloody face, his eyes were red with rage.
"sir, wake your girlfirend, i was not in her room to, um rape her, i was not to steal anything, i am just lost so please let me go."
"if i do that i wont be able to kill you"
"sir, i am lost, the way i work is diferent to your race, i can travle by leting my emotions flow, if i think i am, the power of thaught is much more stronger than humans realise, a weak mind can not create anything, but a strong mind can, ts delicate, you see, the power to create something out of thaught can trick you, to think it exists it can ealy come into beeing, but it is just energy is untill it becomes a form, i lost that grasp on time, i must not think of the energy of a mental or physical thing, i must follow it, untill it becomes something, i am lost, i am so lost, the reson is because i thaught of the energy as a being, i let my concerntration slip, i thaught of the , thing as my dear sister, then BOOM and i turned up here, lost in time."
"oh? you need to go to a mental hostpital boy!"
"do i?, just because i think?, just because i am?, no you need to go to a mental hostpital, are you really satasfied with what little you know?"
"it is true that i know very little, about everything" shighed Jerry, he continued; "if only man was born without ignorance."
"to hate ignorance is to hate man kind"
"do you hate man kind?"
"yes, i hate there ignorance."
"dont get comftable, the world is about to change, Now."

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About The Author
About This Story
14 Mar, 2011
Read Time
2 mins
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