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Murder in Killingly
Murder in Killingly

Murder in Killingly

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My daughter Dawn phoned me at 4:50 PM, the day before her murder. "I want to drive to Florida." She sounded calm and relaxed, not a tad of anxiety in her voice. "If I stay here, I'll be killed."

"Bruce isn't going to hurt you, Dawn." I thought she meant her husband was going to have her killed. She had recently told me he threatened to put a bullet in her head.

"You'll see I'm telling the truth after I'm dead. Everybody will. I gotta get out of Connecticut."

"If you leave, you'll end up in prison. Your probation ends in a month. Then I'll find you a house in Florida or Rhode Island. Your choice!"

If I suspected she might be in danger, I would have tried to do everything possible to move her to a safer place.

Her phone call ended with "I love you!" I don't recall her ever saying those words to me until that Friday.

I didn't respond with "I love you too." That bothers me. I've tried and tried to get over that careless mistake. I can't, especially since "I love you" were her last words to me.

According to Dawn's friend, Holly Wulf, Dawn spent the night of June 4th at her place.

I don't know if that's true. I know Dawn picked up the car I had loaned her after 4:30 PM, June 4, 2021. I paid, with my Visa card, over a grand to have a broken window replaced and a huge dent in the door removed.

The car damage was caused in July 2020 by the owner of the house Dawn was visiting. He backed into the side of the car with his pickup truck. Dawn saw the truck driving out of the driveway after hearing the deafening crash. She telephoned the police. The policeman questioned the driver who eventually admitted to accidentally backing into my car due to scratches and paint matching the car on his bumper.

It took three months to get that police report. The officer wrote it 'appeared' the truck backed into the car. His insurance and my no fault providers refused to pay for the damage. I couldn't take him to court due to Covid - the courthouse was closed. Ten days before my daughter's murder I notified the driver in writing I was taking him to court. Odd that he wasn't arrested for leaving the scene of an accident and refusing to pay for the damage done to my car, yet my daughter was arrested for damaging a car insured in her name without any evidence of her damaging her car.

Over a month after her husband had their car in another state, he claimed she had scratched his car and stole it by having AAA tow the car to their driveway while he was in jail for a protection order violation. Those are the only reasons why she was on probation for over three years. Justice? Confusing?

After picking up my car, Dawn drove to Burger King and charged $4.28 to her TD Bank card. The next and last charge on that card was made on June 5, 2021. I couldn't find that card in her house. I suspect the murderer used that card. Also missing were the two fifty dollar Shell gas cards I had mailed her. The empty opened envelope was on her bedroom bureau.

The still sealed lunch meat in her refrigerator was dated 11:49 AM, June 5,2021. On her kitchen counter were unopened packages of Devil Dogs and rolls. Next to them were bananas, none missing. It appeared she didn't eat after returning from Walmart.

Puzzlingly, Dawn's front door or downstairs door was left open long enough for Bella, Dawn's dog, to run for help. She made it to the next-door neighbor's yard about 1 PM, but the two murderer's feet and legs, not their faces, were caught on video. My guess that happened after the murder.

If I was allowed to view that neighbor's videos, I would know when Dawn drove into her driveway, and when my car was stolen by William Robinson and Efrain 'Evil' Colon. Evil lived over seventy miles away. I presume he might be one of the neighborhood's illegal drug suppliers. For all I know, maybe he was hired to inject Dawn with fentanyl in exchange for my car and some cash. I was told both Robinson and Evil were seen in my car after the murder. Robinson said Evil dropped him off at his house.

Evil probably never met Dawn before he killed her, if he did. Yet, somehow, two detectives assumed Dawn loaned or gave him, a stranger, my car the day after it was repaired. Both cops refused to tell me why they believed that, other than she had loaned my car to others; neither one said to whom or indicated in anyway if Evil was ever questioned about the car he drove from Killingly to New Britain.

My car was parked behind the housing project while Evil was arrested inside for gun and drug charges the same night my daughter's body was found. Just a coincidence? I doubt it! The police did not notify me about the location of the car I reported stolen, then.

Two weeks later I read about his arrest online. I phoned the New Britain police. That's when I was informed were my car was left. I drove there and discovered it had been broken into, and severely damaged. I spoke to a neighbor who told me it was parked there for a couple of weeks. The police refused to see if Evil had my car key while he was being held in jail on a 250 thousand dollar bond.

Perhaps Dawn's husband had her murdered. He had motives. Viewing that neighbor's video would help me decide if Bruce had anything to do with it. At first the neighbor, after telling me about the legs, was going to let me watch his video. Then, apparently after a detective spoke to him, he refused to let me watch any of it.

I had called Dawn many times after June 6th. No answer, and I wasn't able to leave a message.

On Facebook many of her friends wished her a happy birthday on the 10th, no response from Dawn.

On June 15, 2021, Holly Wulf called me. She wanted to know if I heard from Dawn. She said nobody had heard from her in over a week. She also informed me during a phone call with Dawn, she heard William Robinson demanding money and Dawn telling him to leave her house. He refused to leave.

After talking to Holly about Dawn being missing, I called my son who lived about forty-five miles away from Dawn. I asked him to check on Dawn. He drove to her house, and called me. The front door and back downstairs door were locked. The dog was on the back porch about twenty feet above the ground. The sliding kitchen door was open enough for the dog to go in and out of the house. The ladder that was in the back shed was missing.

There was a court order wedged between the front door and framing, that indicated Dawn did not enter the house after June 7th. All he could hear from inside the house was the sound of an air conditioner running. The TV wasn't on. That's unusual! Dawn left it on many times even while she's out of her house. I've been to her house and noticed the TV in the living room and in her bedroom were both on, nobody watching either one.

All the lights, upstairs and downstairs, were turned off. That might be a first since 2005, that's when Bruce and Dawn moved in. Many of her lights were always on. Every time I visited them I went around turning off lights. Back in May 2018, when a judge ordered her husband out of the house, that electric bill was over thirteen grand. Ya might think judges ought to at least order a breadwinner to pay some bills when their wife is legally disabled and unable to work, especially after an assault charge that justified a worthless protection order that caused more harm than good. As usual!

Oddly enough our government paid part of their electric bill for years. I think that extra large heated pool, a hot tub, and lights that surrounded the lounge area by the pool had a lot to due with that high electric bill. Since he was averaging over 185 grand a year for working on movie sets, I reckon that might fall under welfare fraud. Before leaving the woman he lived with for 28 years for another woman, he had worked on the Irishman with Al Pacino. Just in January 2018 he was paid over 21 grand for being a driver. His teamster union must have fantastic negotiators. His weekly food allowance for that movie was $200.00. At that time our government gave his wife $204.00 a month under their SNAP program. Her food allotment and disability ended shortly after he was arrested for harassing her. A social security representative told me the husband had made the complaint, but I couldn't get any details. Seems like another violation of a 2nd protection order that includes "do not harass", but her states attorney must disagree.

My son said Bella kept barking while looking at him and turning in the direction of Dawn's bedroom.

I notified the police and requested a wellness check. I suspected Dawn might've been murdered due to her forewarning and all the lights being out. I was led to believe the police would check on Dawn and get back to me. They didn't that night.

On Facebook, I sent a message to my grandson, Jordan. I asked if he heard from his mom within the last ten days. He hadn't heard from her, and wrote he will try to find out where she is.

The following morning on Facebook, Jordan wrote me that he went to Dawn's house after hearing from me. Everything was locked, and no barking dog.

I assumed Dawn had returned home and took the dog. I felt relieved until my son called the next day. He had returned to feed the dog. Again, Bella barked as she looked towards Dawn's bedroom.

I couldn't talk after my son said, "It's like Bella is trying to tell me Dawn needs my help." I lost control of my emotions. I broke down all of a sudden and couldn't stop crying for about a minute. I realized she was dead.

I phoned Rachel, a social worker who worked with Flores, Dawn's public defender. It was almost as if they had anticipated my call. Within a few minutes Rachel and Flores were on the same line. Both of them agreed Dawn would never leave her dog alone for a couple of days.

Minutes after getting off the phone, a police officer called. He needed someone with the key to Dawn's house to meet him.

John, Dawn's daughter's boyfriend, met two cops at the house, and unlocked the door. John went directly to Dawn's bedroom. Since her bedroom door was missing he could see her body on the bed before he entered the room. A few feet away from her was the AC, on high, sticking out of the window.

Her skin was black, and black fluids were released from her body. It's called black putrefaction; it starts ten to twenty days after death. Just like the other evidence, it indicated she was murdered on June 5, 2021. Yet, two detectives would tell me later she was only dead five or six days due to accidental death, fentanyl.

If fentanyl caused her death, it wasn't accidental. She might've been injected, but it wasn't self-inflicted. Fentanyl kills in minutes. The TV and lights were off. Dawn smoking crack or injecting herself with a drug after she laid down in bed, without eating a thing that day, makes no sense.

It appeared she didn't eat anything after she returned home. The fact that she stopped to buy food, not even eat one banana after arriving home, those two legs caught on video, her credit cards missing, no cash in the house, those threats, and my car being stolen, convinced me she was murdered.

For over a half year I believed there was a police investigation going on. In March 2022 I was informed there never was one due her death being considered accidental. That's when I discovered a likely motive.

Completely ignoring Dawn's request, on May 27, 2021, her councilor notified the police about a threat. During a counseling session over the phone, Louise Halle heard a woman Dawn referred to as 'Crazy Rose' demand forty dollars, and threaten Dawn. Halle called me per Dawn's request. She told me the officer she spoke to was rude and refused to do anything about the threat. She believed Dawn was in danger living there alone and told me she would try to get permission to allow Dawn to stay with me in Florida. I never heard from her or Dawn's probation officer. Both wouldn't answer my phone calls.

Rose was arrested and released on June 1, 2021 for Violation Of Protective Order. She was arrested again on June 2nd for Violation Of Protective Order. A neighbor heard Rose's friend, William Robinson, yelling at Dawn on June 3rd. Dawn had no way of driving to safety due to my car being in the repair shop.

On June 3rd her friend, contacted a friend, Andrea, and begged Andrea along with her husband, to stay a night or two with her in CT. The friend turned down her request. The married couple had lived with Dawn when they had no place to stay. Dawn had hoped they might feel a bit obligated to return a small favor that might save her life.

Dawn was known for her big heart, always willing to help others in need. She needed help, and her reasoning ability was poor. The police, her councilor, and her probation officer all knew about her impaired judgment and insight.

Dawn told Andrea someone is going to kill her. Her friend didn't believe her. Nobody did! We regret it, now.

I didn't believe Dawn was raped either. I did after I spoke to the accused rapist.

The first year after her husband left, Dawn didn't do illegal drugs. The main damaged done to the house pertained to an insurance scam by hubby that left Dawn without central AC and heat.

He went back to live with Dawn until a $20,000 check from the insurance company came via mail. Then he disappeared. That's what led to his first Violation Of Protective Order and Dawn's arrest for stealing their car. Bruce claimed his lawyer advised him to have Dawn arrested a month after that bogus crime.

When that one year protection order ended, Dawn's court appointed victim advocate managed to get a lifetime court order against Dawn's husband. She told me a photo of Dawn with a black eye back in May 2018 was used to get it. Then she took over Dawn's home.

She moved in after the judge signed that court order. Her drug dealing boyfriend moved in later, but I don't know when. That advocate was fired, but her employer refused to say why or say why they didn't attempt to stop her from terrorizing my mentally disturbed daughter. They were aware she had taken over Dawn's home illegally.

I wasn't aware of a drug users living in a house I co-owned until after someone called me about the rape. I immediately phoned Dawn. She claimed she wasn't raped. Andrew, a friend of her two trespassers entered her bedroom, got in bed with her, and grabbed her thigh. She woke up, and left the bedroom.

I believed her, but I was still going to report that crime to the police. She cried. She said the police won't do anything, and begged me not to call them. I still was until she said she'll be killed if I call the cops. I didn't believe that, but I wasn't willing to take the chance. Instead I had those two drug users evicted.

Days later my car was backed into. Perhaps that was a coincidence, but the driver of the car was friends with the two that were evicted.

After the two unwanted guests left the house, Dawn's daughter and boyfriend, John, moved in. A week or two later, Andrew showed up again, entered the house, and demanded money or he wasn't leaving. He was way too big for John to handle. If he had entered my home uninvited, I would be scared too. My guess John called the police. I'm sure Dawn didn't. Too afraid, and I don't blame her.

For some odd reason, Andrew had Dawn call me. I think the word was out I was giving Dawn money every time she needed some. Andrew told me he didn't have any money or gas in his car and Dawn owed him $285.00. He wasn't leaving until someone gives him some money. I said I wouldn't give him a dime. That's when he brought up a rumor about him raping Dawn. Then he yelled into the phone, "It wasn't like that! That makes me very mad. I'm an ex-marine. I served my country."

That's when a police officer knocked on the front door. I spoke to him. He wasn't going to make Andrew leave. He said, "She shouldn't have let him inside the house."

I told him about the rape allegation, what Andrew had said to me, and the name of a reliable witness who was inside the house when the rape started, but left out of fear before it was over. No response from the cop about that or the extortion charges I wanted to make. The intruder had demanded me to give him money and implied he would rape Dawn again. Why else would he mention that rape?

Dawn broke down crying and left the house. John and Dawn's daughter followed her to my car. John told me the cop stood by his car and watched with a grin on his face. Dawn drove away. John and Dawn's daughter returned to the house, but the front door was locked and remained locked for over ten minutes while the cop did nothing. After Andrew left the house, he had a friendly chat with the cop, according to John.

I notified the states attorney, the FBI, three senators and others. No answers or explanation as to why all those wrongdoings were completely ignore by so-called public servants. All I can do about it is write a few short stories and a book. Then hire a beautiful likable articulate woman to be a co-writer to go on talk shows about injustice in the USA.

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