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Murdered love

Murdered love

By xxXmidnightvelvetXxx

My name is Adeline my mom has no clue what happens to me when she's out of town my dad will come to take care of me but that's never the case he beats and pushes me around treats me as if i'm nothing to him to him i'm just a teenage slave I have no friends everyone in school talks about the horrible scratches on my face..i've learned that where there is hate there is love.. some where i don't know where but some one is out there for me waiting to rescue me from this house i call hell. As i walk down the long dark streets i look at my watch ( 12:00) i hurried to get home before 12:05 i ran down the streets it started to rain really heavy i ran even faster until i suddenly fell onto someone someone i never seen before i looked at him for a moment in silence ''I'm..I'm. sorry i didn't mean to run into you'' he looked at me for a moment his greenish yellow eyes staring into mine '' it's fine..what are you doing out so late?'' i thought for a moment ''umm.. i was getting fresh air'' ''Oh really?..'' ''yes.. now if you must excuse me i really have to go..'' I got up and right before i was about to run off he grabbed my arm ''Hey!!!! let go of my arm!'' he looked at me his eyes buring into mine he finally said something i never ever wanted to hear ''I know your secret...'' the sky filled with lightning at that point i finally found the right words ''Who..whoo.who are you?'' he smiled a devilish smile back at me ''Ethan.. i go to school with you and i've been watching you'' ''But why... i mean i never did anything to you'' he looked at me and then out of no where he vanished.. I ran home i walked in the door and immediately heard my dad '' Where were you!'' '' Outside i bumped into someone...'' He slapped me and pushed me into the cold hard floor '' please stop!! i'm sorry!'' he got up and got a sharp knife from the kitchen i tried to crawl up there stairs but i was already cold and weak ''Please don't do this!'' ''shutup bi***'' As i felt the cold sharp knife go accross my arm i felt the warm blood go down my arm he dropped the knife and went up stairs to go to sleep and left me there on the cold floor in the dark..I got up slowly and went to my room shut off the lights and cried on my bed ''Are you okay...'' I got up and saw that guy i bumped into standing right in the middle of my room '' What are you doing in my room!?'' "sshh!'' '';And how did you do that dissapearing thing'' ''Just shutup and listen for a minute.. i'm your guardian angel'' ''what..? but that would mean your-'' ''Dead..?'' ''yeah..'' ''yeah i am dead..'' ''but.. your so young.. like 17 how did you die..??'' ''i was in a horrible car accident a year ago with my gf..'' she okay?'' he looked at me and smiled ''yeah she's fine..'' what was her name?'' he stood silent for a moment ''Adeline..'' woah.. that's wierd my names adeline.'' i know..'' what how?'' he came closer to me soon we were right in each others face ''Adeline it's me Ethan please tell me you remember me'' what..? i never had a bf named ethan i -i would remember that wouldn't i?'' no.. not if you had amnesia..'' What..amnesia..?'' when we were in that crash adeline..i was already half dead when they got to me but you you were minutes near death addie..'' They could only get one person out i told them to let you out addie..'' Tears streamed down my face no ethan your wrong i would rememeber my own bf!'' ''addie..'' stop calling me that! it's adeline no one called me addie since... Time seemed to go by me so fastly i felt my self colapse into ethans arms then i totally blacked out flashbacks circled my head i saw everything my mom.. my dad.. ethan..this sad little girl crying im a corner who i soon realised was me.. i saw a car speeding down the road at 100mph i remember hearing the glass shatter and me screaming.. i soon woke up to see me laying outside next to ethan's grave i got up and soon saw ethan.. ''Ethan...'' hey you ok u scared me!'' i'm sorry omg i remember everything! i'm soo sorry!'' He hugged me tight and i cried in his chest ''hey it's okay the only thing that matters is that i finally get to hold you in my arms again'' '' i missed you so much :('' ethan looked up at me and smiled'' i missed you too <3'' I looked in his eyes and finally are lips touched i felt his arms wrap around my waist i deepened the kiss. Then we both heard a gunshot go off we pulled away quickly and turned to see my dad holding a gun ''Dad..wha-what are you doing!'' ''shutup and get in the car! while i kill this boy'' you can't! he's an angel! he's already dead!'' Oh.. so i guess you wanna join him then..I heard him cock his gun then i heard a shot and everything faded to black.. i saw this light so i followed it i finally reached it and saw ethan '' where am i..?'' heaven.. your dad killed you..'' omg.. so i get to be with you now !'' yeah ;)'' i ran into his arms and hugged him for what seemed to last forever.. :)

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18 Nov, 2011
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5 mins
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