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murdering Jenny

murdering Jenny

By abc123lou

"Jenny unpack your stuff , you're 13 and thats old enough to unpack yourself", my mom yelled up to me. We moved to Arizona from Massachusetts about a week ago.
I pulled myself of the bed and walked to my radio, I turned it on and started to unpack. Then the radio shut off. I turned it back on and continued unpacking. It turned back off again. I turned it on again. I did this for about a minute, on, off, on, off. I left to go tell my mom when it came back on at full blast. The radio was blaring."turn that off", my dad screamed. I ran to it. No matter what I did it stayed on. I unplugged it. Finely it shut off.
I looked at my clock, 8:00. I was so tired it felt like midnight. I changed in to my pj's and jumped in bed. I pulled my blue blanket over my head and fell into a deep sleep.
BEEP, BEEP, BEEP.I woke up in a panic. My alarm clock was going off. That's strange I thought its 4:38 in the morning, I would never set my clock to that time. I rolled over and tried to sleep, but I couldn't. All I could thing about was the clock and the radio.
"Its me", I heard a voice say. "I'm trying to sleep" I mumbled. "Its me" the voice said again. I jumped up wide awake now."who are you" I said. The person was a tall man, he had a big bag with him. "Your worst nightmare", he replied. It all happened so fast I'm not sure how it happened, I felt a strong hit to the face. I was punched.
Next thing I know I'm in a big dark room. The man walked up to me. I asked him where I was. He explained to me that he was dead and he was killed. He also said that he had to kill someone the same way he was killed and I had to do the same and so on. I saw him walk to a room. Then he came back with a large knife, rope and duck tape. he duck taped my mouth and.
I slammed the book shut and said "this book is stupid." My mom replied "sorry thought you would like it."

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23 Jan, 2012

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