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My angel

My angel

By EscapeThePain123

I was on my way to Germany. Getting ready to meet up with all my family members. Iv'e only been on a plane once before, so im not really use to the feeling. 2 hours into the flight we all hear a loud *Crack*. the flight attendent walks to the control room looking as calm as possible, but the look on her face expressed that she was worried. she then went on the intercom, warning all of us to buckle up. then, explained what was happening. we had lost a hydrolic, an were about to lose another one. we had absolutely no control of the plane anymore. we were going to land in the ocean, there was no way of avoiding it. so we all put on life jackets. then instantly feel the nose of the plane start to dive. i thought the nightmare would never end. when it did, it left many dead. there were 256 passengers, yet only 15 survived. while we were all struggling to stay above water, i saw a little girl about 10 years old. she was struggling the most, i swam to her right as she was starting to sink. i grabbed her hand, and as much as the waves tried, i refused to let her go. another boat came, saving all 15 of us. i shared a room with the little girl at the hospital, we both fell asleep instantly when we were rushed to the hospital. i awoke to laughter. it was the little girl, an her family. they all started crying as soon as i wokeup. i had saved their daughters life. i was a hero..

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9 Dec, 2011
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