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My Aunts Crazy Cat

My Aunts Crazy Cat

By jazzyboy

My Aunt has a cat who I still don't know the name of. One day, the cat saw that the dryer door was open and that there were dry clothes in it. So he did what any cat would do and he jumped inside and cuddled up in all the clothes untill he fell asleep. About 20 minutes latter, my aunt closed the door and turned the dryer on, not knowing that the cat was inside. She then went into the kitchen and began cooking dinner for everyone. Suddenly she herd this strange noise comming from the dryer. "THUMP THUMP. THUMP THUMP." Startled, she walked over to the dryer and turned it off. She then opened the door and guess what came out. Yup. The dumb little cat wobbled out of the dryer shaking his head as if he was drunk and caughing up hairballs. When my aunt told me this story, I lauged so hard I almost fell out of my chair. OMG I wish i was there. Poor cat. LOL! :)

Author Notes: This is a true story that actualy happened to my aunt's cat that was dumb enough to climb up into a dryer. Hehe.

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9 Apr, 2013
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