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My Avakin Life History
My Avakin Life History

My Avakin Life History

Andrew_And_AnaMentally Mina

Two years ago

*gets game* *makes account*

A month later

*meets mugged and Ghost*

*meets Clown* *makes new account*

*adds Mugged, Clown, and Ghost back*

April 16th, 2021

*gets into fight with Zuko* *Zuko stops being my brother*

*makes new account*

*becomes Avakin famous at lv17*

Last couple of weeks

*me and my gf break up* *Clown unfriends me*

*goes through an emotional faze of not being on the game for four weeks*

*gets back on the game finally*

*9 messages from Mugged*

*buys new stuff and changes avakin name*

*goes through gallery on phone and looks at all the images of me and Clown*

in mind: New age, new me. Muchas Gracies, Clown.

Author Notes: Mugged is my brother. Ghost is one of my ex's. Zuko is my ex-brother. Clown is my ex bff.
Clown was literally my best friend, but ig we weren't meant to be friends even though we went through some tough shit together

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Mentally Mina
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2 Jun, 2021
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