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By esme

I was a scrawny teenager, i remember mostly spending my time getting drunk and playing vidio games, but my life changed......... its all coming back to me now. the night. the time i became a vampire.
I was at this party, in a small apartment, on the 7th floor of flats. I remember , stepping outside to have a secret fag, it was a cold night. I wore a coat.
After my secret fag I stepped back in , The small room with bright disco lights was not really ment to hold 45 people, smelly body odor wafted up from peoples armpits and loud rave music boomed from litle crappy computer speekers the host really needed to get a good set of speekers if he wanted to host another party like this one!
The room was full of movement, some people in wired dress walked by, I just looked, none of the girls had a nice ass.
Then i saw her, A girl, I mean georges girl. she was short slim and had hair that looked like silk thread. She was of course a vampire, but i did not know that then.
I only saw a glimps of her before she vanished into the croud again. I pushed my way passt people, trying to see her again, I did not know what i would say to her when i caught up, I hardly ever thaught before I do something or say anything.
Suddenly there was a pearsing loud cry, that rang threw the air after it had been uttered.
Evryone fell silent. Someone had even bothered to turn the rave music down.
I looked to my left, a boy my age 17 or so, lay on the ground, his neck smeered with blood. "he has no puls!" a blond haired girl cried, then cayos, The room was in panic, out the corner of my eye i saw the silk haid girl watching me , her eyes big dark and roomey.
Dont get me wrong, i felt really sorry for the boy that has died. but hes dead right?
i did not even know him.
I just could not help myself, i had to follow the gourges girl into the dark room.
She chuckeld and locked the door behind us, i could just about make out her shape in the darkness.
A hand reached out from the ground and pulled me to the floor, i went willingly, she pulled me on top of her and unziped my pants, i curled my fingers in her hair and vigorsly kissed her lips,
And then it happend.
she bit my neck, i thaught it was a love bite at first but then it started to really hurt. And i was a vampire......that was it, i was alive but dead inside.
We just lay there on the floor, for a muint or so, I could smell the police men in the other room behind the locked door, they were scratching there heads in puzzlement.
they smeeled horble, like MEN deodrent and fallsness.

Now is the present day, me and my girl, Alice, We are gliding across Armoree mountains, to meet some friends, at a party. yes it is strange, vampires can glide yes, Hell its faster than running.
it was a stary night by the time me and my girl reached the party, it was nex to a dirty murky lake in the crook of a huge hill. This is no silly little human party. This my firend is a blood feast.
A big bom-fire was allready alight, and my folk vampires walked about, somewressaling for contests on who was stronger, and some, tourtaring a silly stupid human in a wooden cage. the human would becom a little snack. There were about 500 vampires at this party, i guess it was a big event. My girl led me to the huge fire vampires sat in a huge circle around it and talkrd, Amber light from the fire flickered on there skin and mussles. "I knew you would make a fine vampire when i picked you" said my babey, i smiled at her and pulled her close, we kissed deep and long. My girl then turned around and started talking to firends. I sat staring at a groop wressaling. A tall brown skinned man approched me he had a wide smile and amazing blue eyes. He grabbed me from behing and started wressaling me to the ground, in shock of his action, i pushed back at him heard. he then laughed and halled me up from the grass. "i have not seen you around, your new yes? i am AAron" he said with a smile. "yes! its my first time its great!" i said with a laugh.
"you came with Alice havent you, i can smell her on you." AAron said.
"yeah. shes my baby."
"mate she is evryones baby not just yours"
"huh? what do you mean?"
"you did not know,.... Alice is a whore. when it suits she will get another hansom young boy to fuck."
i new the meaning of the woord of couse i did! i just could not under stand it thats all.
"yeah man" said AAron, he put an arm around my sholder and we went of to party. I forgot about my baby Alice then, wait i should just call her Alice shouldent i? thats her name after all, it jist did not sound right in my mouth. I am not in love with her or annything.

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About This Story
17 Feb, 2011
Read Time
4 mins
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