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My Baby

My Baby

By lillith123

When i was 16 i had my first child. My boyfriend and i were at a party and we just got into it. But when i told my mom she was kinda happy i guess. But she said when ever we go out she would pretend he was hers. I named my little boy Ryley. But after 2 months Ryley got very sick. He got so sick we had to take him to the hospital.But once we got there it got worse. His arm turned blue and he couldn't breath. I was very scared. He meant everything to me. After what seemed like hours the doctors finally said they had to amputate his arm. I was very sad. But just as they were taking him in he stopped breathing. That's when i got so scared i was screaming. My mom was trying to calm me down. I was so scared i didn't want to lose my little boy. The doctors took him in quickly. After 3 hours passed they came out with my little boy. He only had half of his left arm. But i didn't care. My little Ryley was alive! He then came home 2 days later. He kept looking at his arm and back at mine. It will be a very sad but happy story to tell him when he grows up.

My little Ryley and i are now living happy with my mom. I am now 18 and He is 2 he still looks at his arm because he knows he's supposed to have a hand but he doesn't. I love you little Guy!! <3

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18 May, 2011
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