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My Beautiful Wife
My Beautiful Wife

My Beautiful Wife


Hi, my name is Cyrus. I live in New York, in an apartment with my wife, Claire.
We met about eight months ago in a night club. When I saw her on the dance floor, she took my breath away. As I watched her graceful movements, I knew she was the right one for me.

We have been married for about three months now and I love her even more now. She is the dream girl that every man would love to have. She has a very attractive figure and her confidence makes me fall for her all the time.

But she also seemed to have a dark side I didn't know about until we got married. It happened when we were having dinner at a restaurant. Usually she is always jolly and smiling at everyone, that's what I loved about her.
But the waitress brought the wrong dinner to us and Claire just lost it. She almost looked like she wanted to bite her as she shouted and called her all sorts of names.
The poor waitress rushed back into the kitchen almost in tears.

After a while, the waitress brought back our correct order and Claire thanked her and smiled again like nothing had happened before. She was still my beautiful wife and I loved her.

This became more and more common, even to me. I had to overlook all the weird mood swings she would have but sometimes it would make me wonder...

I had a pet cat, Mini, I have had for over five years. A few months ago, just after I met Claire, I never saw my cat again. My cat never leaves the house, even when I leave my windows open.

The weirdest things started to happen about two weeks ago. She asked me a random question while I was watching my favorite show.
"Don't you want any children?" she asked.

I was somewhat startled by this question. She knew very well of our financial situation.
"No not yet" I replied. "I am just not ready"

Hearing this she flew into a rage like none other. I was used to this by now, but I had never seen her get this mad before. She flung books and clothes across the room, screaming about how I wanted to ruin her life.
Talking to her would make things worse so I simply left the house and returned after a few hours. As usual, she treated me so sweetly, like nothing had ever happened.

This went on for a couple of days.

One warm summer's day, I came back from work to find my wife out in the balcony sun bathing probably asleep as well.
I smiled and gave her a kiss on the cheek. Immediately, the moment I pulled away, her skin peeled off.

"Claire!" I shouted "Your skin is peeling off, how long have you been in the sun?"

"Just a few hours" she mumbled rather sleepily. "It happens all the time, nothing to worry about".

"I am taking you to the doctor right now" I said. "Skin doesn't just peel off all the time"

Regardless of her hysteria, we walked to a nearby doctor who examined her and looked puzzled.
"There seems to be nothing wrong with her skin- not even sun burnt" the doctor said.
"See, I told you" said Claire.

As we slowly walked home, my mind was racing. Claire was acting strangely. Her behavior was just not normal. As we walked past a pet shop, Claire glanced into the shop and immediately stopped.

"Look Cyrus, mice!" she exclaimed.

This was the first time I had seen her so happy in a long time. So we entered the shop and purchased her a box of mice- 20 white mice to be exact.

She couldn't stop talking about them all the way home.
"Oh wow, look at how cute they are, look at the way they run around"

When we got home I felt rather tired and decided to take a nap.

After a while, I woke up and went to the dinning table. I couldn't see Claire anywhere but heard the shower running so she had probably gone to take a shower.

I looked into the box and counted the mice. They were now 19. One must have gotten away somehow. I didn't want to tell Claire as she will probably get upset so I kept quiet.

A few days ago I just got home from work early. I didn't make a sound or tell Claire as I wanted it to be a surprise.

The house seemed rather quiet as I walked past each room looking for her. I heard something in our bedroom so I tiptoed there.

The door was closed but I looked through the keyhole. What I saw shocked me for life.

My wife was holding a mouse in her hand. Slowly, she lifted the mouse until it was dangling above her- mouth wide open.

In a flash she dropped the mouse into her mouth and started chewing. I could here the bones crunching all the way from outside the bedroom door.

I may have made a noise, I don't know, but she seemed to know she wasn't alone because immediately after, she rushed to the door and opened it.

"What are you doing here?" she shouted. "You were not meant to see that"

Before I could respond, she pounced on me, grabbing me in a choking position. Her strength was surprisingly strong. I grabbed the nearest thing I could find- an umbrella, and smashed it into her head. Then everything went black...

When I came to- I found my wife lying next to me in a pool of blood. She was dead.

I immediately called the police and told them what had happened. When they came over and looked at the scene- they immediately arrested me and charged me for murder.

But once the autopsy reports came in- it confirmed my story. There were 10 dead mice in Claire's stomach and also what seemed to be the remains of a cat. I shuddered to think about which cat it was.

The police released me after a day. Their official report stated that Claire had a mental illness, she attacked me in an attempt to eat me.

When I got home, I was very tired and quickly went to take a shower.

When I got out, I saw the box with the mice still inside.

Then I smiled.

Then I laughed until my ribs hurt.

I was still laughing when I grabbed a mouse and lifted it up in the air.

I was still laughing when I shoved the mouse into my mouth.

By this stage, I couldn't laugh anymore, all I could do was enjoy.

Author Notes: I hope you enjoyed my short stories. I will be posting short stories on every Sunday of the week.
I just put a few to get an audience I hope =)

Should the need arise, I will post more in a week.

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About This Story
19 Oct, 2018
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5 mins
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