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My Best Friend Is Gone Forever
My Best Friend Is Gone Forever

My Best Friend Is Gone Forever

koschoffrapkinrulesVictoria Koschoff-Rapkin

Once I woke up, I knew I would never get my two best friends back.The trial was today at 1:00 pm. It was late when we left the club a few week earlier.Little did I know I would never see my friends alive again.They said they were ok and didn't need a ride home, and I would always blame myself for what happened.It must have been hard for the parents to go through, so I did whatever I did to help.If they told me to run I ran, if they called me at two in the morning and aked me to come over I would.

I knew what they felt because 98% of my family died from horrible things.When the trial started, I was sitting with their family and when I went up to the stand to give a testamony the person who was accused of doing it looked at me and vis versa. It was the saddest look that I would ever see in my life.Once I was done giving my statement, he wanted to say something, and when he was done saying what he wanted not one person was dry eyed.He eventually got a lesser deal if he testified against the other people who also commited the crime.

Exactly three years have gone by and I went to the jailhouse where he was staying,and as I talked to him I figured out that he has a wife and child.His child was named Elizabeth Liz for short.She was five and had the sweetest personality one could imagine.He wanted me to promise that if anything happened that I would take care of her. I agreed. Then he apologized for what had happened, and I said how I forgave him years ago but was afraid to say anything. While I left I gave him a hug and had him promise to not do anything that was stupid or wrong,and he said ok.

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Victoria Koschoff-Rapkin
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15 Oct, 2017
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