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My best friend? My Boyfriend?

My best friend? My Boyfriend?

By Lilypadandfrog74

Life is not always that great, don't get me started! It is unfair and cruel, and it can be evil but sometimes, just sometimes, you meet someone, and they turn your whole world upside down, and you don't know which way is left, and which way is right, and you're floating in the coulds with your friends begging you to come down. Don't. Go up to a mountain, and keep your feet on the ground and your head in the clouds.

I moved. Not the end of the world, I didn't have any friends anyways. I moved to a new country. My daddy's in the Military. I'm NOT a military brat, Im just as poor as some people out there and have just as many problems as the avg. family. But that's isn't what this story is about. I moved across the Pacific. I went to South Korea. I was there for about two months and a met someone. Someone who became my best friend. Oct. we met. Trick or treating. We didn't get along and didn't talk at alllllll.January, I met him again, not knowing he was the same person. Okay, I still didn't like him, and call me mean or a beotch but, he was best friends with my crush. I was just using him to get close to my crush. about two weeks later, I ACTUALLY became his friend. By February, he was my best friend. March, we didn't talk much but april we were closer than ever. I would come knock on his door to see if he could come outside and I'd hug him, and his dad always said we would date. May. I kind of liked him. I knew he liked me. I asked him if he still liked me and he said "No I kinda like Michaela" Michaela is my best friend. Elisabeth is the other one, and she kept me going through the year. So anyways, I didn't tell him I like him. June. Michaela left. I was just sad and depressed ever since March, but with one of my best friends gone, my depression showed. July. I started going to church, and I went to the movies with him and we had an a w e s o m e n i g h t! I'll never forget it. Anyways August. His parents went outta town. I went to his house and we watched movies from ten PM to three AM. September I got a new boyfriend. Then got dumped. then got a little sad. October. Talked to him on the phone. I found out that he liked me since last december. October 28th. His parents gave me a ride home and then we talked and then later on the phone, he went from best friend..... To boyfriend... December First...Kissed him.... Alot....

My best friend became my boyfriend. He can handle me at my worst. He definatly deserves me at my best. I love him and he loves me. His dad was right. Everyone sad us coming. Everyone but me. I can't believe it took me a year to see it coming. Awww Love. And you know what? When I kiss him, I feel the sparks. <3

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4 Dec, 2011
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2 mins
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