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My best friend

My best friend

By Mimi - 2 Reviews

Ok so My best friend Katie had fallen in love in this idiot of a boy friend he acctuly was pretty mean to me however she did not notice it at all she could stare on him for hours without moveing it felt like anyways. And who was i to think badly about her bf i never said a word about it. The thing was you could see it on them that he wasent that that she was i had à feeling it wasent going to end good but never said anything about it.. One night we where at the disco Me her and her bf Mike was sitting by the table talking him of course makeing fun off me more then once. I said i was going to go to the ladies room when i came in i noticed my purse acctuly was a little broken i became a little mad but decided after some minutes of effort trying to fix it to simply ignore it finished up and just when i had washed my hands he comes in walks towards me i ask him what he wants this is the girls room when suddently he kisses me, i was shocked for the record i dident kiss him i kissed back i mean it just came like that it was a reflex.. Anyways as we where kissing i slowly got my mind back when i saw kattie at the door he suddently pushes me back and i land on the floor meanwhile he calls me, things i look at him confused then on kattie that leaves the room instantly with her boyfriend after her. I stand up still with shakey leggs wondering.. What just happend 

I dont feel like writeing more right now...   Its really tireing writeing this on my phone..                                     

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10 Nov, 2010
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1 min
5.0 (2 reviews)

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