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My Bestfriend Prt. 1

My Bestfriend Prt. 1

By JocyeLopez1223

Tears with a mixture of eyeliner and mascara was running down my face. I had been crying for the past 30 minutes. This wasn't the frist time Marc had made me cry or has cheated on me. But my stupid hormones and young mind keep going back to him. I quickly called my best friend Aileen... see if she can cheer me up
*ring ring . . .ring ring* "Ahh fuck you to then." Uggh *sigh* I texted my best guy friend Freddy. He has always been there for me in my stupid girl dramas.
Me: heyy :/
Freddy: aww wat happened this time?
Me: nothinq! Jusst you think we can meet at york park ? I really need a friend.
Freddy: shure okay see u in couple mins.
After we bothh found eachh other at the park he noticed the black streaks on my cheek. "Are you sure nothing happened? I mean no offence but you look like a tiger with those streaks on your cheek." He smiled. "Haha. Yeah, I'm sure just that I swear Freddy I'm finally through with his bullshit. I promise." "Hmm where have I heard that one before?" He said sarcastically. He was right I have said that but had came back running to him after some kiss and make up. It was a routine. "No. I swear Fred. I'm not kidding." "You finally got tired of being a tiger?" *I wipe my face with hands* "Hell yeah I am!" "I doubt it though, I mean how many break up and make ups has it been? 5? 6? 7 billion?." Ha ha Very Funny." *I pushed him lightly* . . *he grabed my arm and I stumbled close to him*. We were looking at each other standing realy closey. He wraped his arms around my waist. He wiped the black lines eyeliner and mascara lines that had been left on my cheek. "You know.." He said "You deserve better." I had became shy and quite now, this was unexpected of him I mean he's my bestfriend since I can remeber. But I studder " I - I Know. . . " I lean my head on his shoulder. I suddenly became happy I smiled a kind of a smile I haven't had for a long while. We look at each other both smiling. This felt right but I didn't know what to do next . . Next thing I know were just "lost in each others eyes" and then it happens . . He leans in to kiss me.

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About This Story
13 Jan, 2012
Read Time
2 mins
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