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My Besties.
My Besties.

My Besties.


My besties..

I’m not the only one believes in stars,
I’m not the only one believes in hope.
When the life changes it’s path,
When I’m in trouble,
They both help me out of it.
They don’t burst my sinking bubble of hope.
Overall, they are my besties.

Pole star only leads me to a better future.
He taught me only to look forward,
Without remembering the bad and dark memories.
And always shine and rise above the rest.
He taught me to be like him,
To be constant in every situation of life.
Whatever good or bad comes, be yourself.

Hope is like my best friend.
Who always there for me in every situation.
Who holds me when I’m falling.
Even in the darkest hour,
He lit beautiful candles for me.
When there is no one, he is with me.
For enriching my life and myself.
I can never leave him, cuz he is only my hope.
Thus I love them both more than myself.
One is my life and one is myself.

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3 Apr, 2019
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