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My Brain, The Dictator

My Brain, The Dictator

By aquietvoice - 1 Review

I believe that my brain is what holds the things that make me, me

One little, squishy thing is she

Making decisions since birth

Controlling my entire experience on this earth

It seems unfair

It seems to fuck things up beyond repair

My brain makes my body do things I wish it wouldn’t

It tells my hand to reach for cookies it shouldn’t

And now my body looks like a pile of pudding

Why can’t my hand stop my brain in its tracks

Why can’t my body point out the cracks

In the logic my stupid brain lacks

My brain makes my mouth form words I regret

Forming sentences only fit for a moronic mindset

Later I’ll lay in bed until morning, upset

Why can’t my tongue and lips have a mind of their own

So they could present my thoughts in a way I codone

If only better judgement my brain would have shown

My entire life it would not have blown

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About This Story
3 Jan, 2020
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<1 min
4.0 (1 review)

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