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My brother Like a father

My brother Like a father

By HeartBrokenLeft2Die

I look at his picture. The only person I had left. Now gone. Why did he have to go? I can't cry anymore. He's all I think about. I miss him. Without him I feel... Incomplete... My brother was more than a brother to me. He was like a father to me. He would do anything to make me feel safe, and to protect me from any danger. He had been there for me since I was 15 and he was 17. Our parents died in a car accident. We had no aunts or uncles that we heard of, so we pretty much had to live by ourselves. He got a job and quit school to support us and I even decided to quit school and get a job since we were struggling, but he wouldn't let me. He told me to get an education so I can be more succesful. When I turned 21 he was already 22 and had a gorgeous wife and a beautiful 6-month old son. But one day she was at the bank and someone came in and shot the place. The guy ended up shooting her in the head and she was killed. When my brother found out he became depressed and started doing drugs. He slit his wrist and became very ill. One night he overdosed and died. I saw his lifeless body laying on the bathroom floor. I couldn't speak, move, scream. I was in shock. All I could think about was his son who was now 10 months old. I knew I had to take care of him. Now he's all I have and I'll try my best not to lose him.

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15 May, 2011
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