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My brother Pt. 1

My brother Pt. 1

By Jaggergum

My name is jess and my brother is Joshua and we are the best kids in the world at least we think we are because everyone calls me the teachers pet and they call Joshua the teachers angel but anyway these are the tricks we play on our family so we once went to miss bell’s house and took her kitty and dressed her up but here is the story starting from when I was little! “Where is my shoes” screamed jess “I must have them before I go to school”. Joshua came clopping up the stairs and knocked on The door “Knock, Knock, Knock! Can I come in? I have your shoes!” he Said Soothingly. Jess Swung the door open and smiled “May I have them?” she asked and acted all sweet. Joshua handed her The purple glittering shoes and was putting his backpack on, ”Call me when your ready” he shouted up the stairs. Jess began getting ready, She put her silky Blue school dress on and then her socks then her small purple shoes, she ran down the stares and grabbed Joshua’s hand then they walked up the street. “Shall we get some Sweet’s Before we get to school” Sneaked jess And that was when the fun began. They walked and walked and arrived at the Sweet Shop, “Hello Jess and Joshua” Said The Shop manager, “Hi Mr Sweetie” Said Jess And Joshua, They Giggles And Strolled towards School But Something Tickled Jess On The Back, “Help!!! Help!!! Someone’s Got Me” Yelled Jess Grabbing Onto Joshua’s Arm. “Your So Silly ,it’s Just a Tree Branch” He Said Laughing. “Well I Didn’t Know Did I, How Would You Like It If You Thought Someone Was Going To Grab You?” Moaned Jess. “Well I’m Not A Little wimp like you” teased Joshua. Jess Stuck Her Tongue out And Snatched Her Bag From Joshua And Stormed Into Her Classroom Like An Elephant.

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30 Jan, 2012
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1 min
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