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My Confusing Crush .-.

My Confusing Crush .-.

By sdejesus777

When he walked into my life, he made 2nd period science a little more interesting. With my teacher's monotone voice, Mr. Gomez could lull me to sleep during one of his slow lectures. Of course, he (my crush, not the teacher xD ) always managed to keep me awake. Balling up random pieces of paper and throwing them at my head. I threw them back. Well of course we would get caught eventually. He was still really fun, but he doesn't look relaxed sometimes. Well, I went through this dark phase and started to hurt myself, and as I was handing something to my friend in the seat in front of me she frantically grabbed my arm and says: WHAT IS THIS?! I look ashamed. He pops in and he asks what's going on. I say: NOTHINNNNG. And he says: Show me. So I do. And he sees my cuts and he gives me a pity look. A few months later, I decided I was finally gonna come out of my shell and tell him that I like him. His response was: I know. This greatly confused me because most guys talk to me after this if they do like me or completely ignored me. He kept on messing around with me. At a tennis tournament that the whole school had to watch, we sat outside together; most of my friends sending me teasing looks. I managed to make him laugh saying: I bet you all these white people are gonna be brown by the time this tournament is over. He laughs his cute little ringing laugh that I've seen and loved to hear. He manages to make me laugh. When we had to move a couple of times, to adjust the size of crowd watching, we still stayed sitting together. I could hear the people behind us asking him: Is that ur novia? (Girlfriend) I blushed so hard... After the tournament everyone was released to break. I sat down with a couple of my friends. He starts to make a path around me, but I don't really mind this. I took just one glance and he was still staring back at me. My friends did confirm he was staring at me. That made my heart flutter. Well after that, I met another guy, that actually made a move, and we dated. He had always pushed me away as if I was the most putrid thing I've ever seen in his life, but when I started to date the other guy, he kept bothering me more often. That time while I was dating someone else, a girl called me fat and he kept calling my name and when I finally turn around, he kinda surveys my face to see if I'm crying or not ( which I was on the verge of). At PE he pokes me with his pass to an activity (Popsicle stick). And on the nearly last day (until i was homeschooled) I folded him a ninja star and he writes: Bomb! Awesome! Cool! Nice! I have no idea why he would write that, when all the words he could ever write or speak to me where bitter or gross, but he handed the ninja star back to me and smiled one of his gorgeous-kills-the-girls-everytime-smile. All the memories rush by today , him walking me to class, making each other laugh, and I regret not taking more chances with him, now that the paths of ever seeing him are very narrow. But life always has it's twists and turns; I have a feeling I'll meet him again someday~

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About This Story
17 May, 2013
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2 mins
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