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My Crimes Against You
My Crimes Against You

My Crimes Against You


I'll lay my crimes against you

Out in the open air

Of how I wanted to hold your mind

For you to see the tears

So desperately did I want to hold

I took the bits you liked

Offering them to be sold

Piece by piece I gave myself away

In hopes that one day

You would ask for more than to lay

Flesh exposed

All out for you to see

Yet I still suppose

you loved me

Where love is a closed door

Only opening when it wants more

That strips you down further

When you call yourself a whore

Laughing at your Insecurities

For they are but impurities

Can't keep their hands off you

Even when you ask them to

You deserve it you say

Every crack he makes

For there is no other way

For him to see the fire underneath

That porcelain perception

And yet…

You know it's wrong

You know it's bad

But sometimes it feels like all you have

Author Notes: If this resonates with you at all, I hope you are healing.

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9 Mar, 2019
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