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My Depressed Little Girl
My Depressed Little Girl

My Depressed Little Girl


She cried her eyes out.
The first pillow under her head was wet by her tears, the second pillow she choked between her arms was hurt, she got her feelings played her heart, again.
She spoke to herself again after all this time she had not. She tried to talk it out, caressed her own hair, motivated herself not to focus on the evil thoughts she had inside her chaotic head.

She blamed herself.
She should not put her hope up high, nor should she let herself being played by feelings she couldn't help to catch. She knew better. She knew better.

"It's just another heartbreak you have to pass, Little Girl." Said the Mature One.
"I know, but I can't help the hunger of love and attention that I rarely had. Is it wrong to want that so bad?" Cried Little Girl.
"It's not, Cherie. I'm sorry we have to experience this....again." As the Mature One wiped out the tears falling down like a stream.

Little Girl couldn't stop her body from shaking. She felt her body temperature was getting higher, her runny nose got her sinus badly. The Mature One started to panic, she didn't realize tears began to come down her cold cheek. She whispered to the Little Girl that they would get through this together, she bit the pillow she hugged to avoid screaming out her depression. The pain in her chest was getting worse and frequent, the depression didn't make it easier, she curled up on her bed in despair. The moment of crisis seemed like forever, yet they got through the night. Little Girl was half asleep, Mature One watched her from distance, concerned, she murmured to herself.

Will we survive this? How many more heartbreaks and failures should we experience until the Demon wins the fight? How does this end up on her? Is there actually any future for my Little Girl? GOD definitely hears out her prayers, but will HE grant her wishes? Will the Demon take over her place and end us all? I'm scared, My Lord. How much time do we have until my Little Girl can't do her part anymore? I'm worried about her, about us all. She can't take it all, she doesn't deserve this, what did she do anyway? This is not fair. Not fair. She shouldn't have get through all this. She doesn't deserve all the pain life gives her.

As the Mature One bit her lower lip and busy with her thought, Little Girl was awake by the clinking sound of the dropped kitchenware attacking the floor. The Mature One stared at her opened right hand in surprise, the sharp knife almost hit her right toe. Both of them changed look in horror. The Demon was passing through not long ago, right before the Mature One's very eyes. Little Girl was staring at her blank, getting ready on what would happen next as she closed her eyes slowly.

Author Notes: .
Q : What is the scariest of all?
A : Leaving yourself alone with your thoughts.

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3 Jan, 2019
Read Time
2 mins
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