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My Dream is my Reality

My Dream is my Reality

By Unseenbeauty13

Someone please wake me up,

Wake me,

Wake me up from this horrible dream.

And show me reality.

This dream is more than I can handle.

Stop, Stop, Stop!

Don't touch me there you are family.

Long days sitting and hoping I could just die back into reality, But then I change my mind because I come to realize that my dreams are my reality.

I want to move far, far, away that not even cars, airplanes, and trains can pay the way to get to me.

Why am I here?

My children seem to be the only reason I could find.

But I have fail and disappointed them so many times that I have considered taking all of our lives.

Hurt and abused by someone who supposed to love and protect me.

I guess family is just people that you have known for a little while longer.

Save me, from this hurt and pain.

Help my babies to see that this is not how love is supposed to be.

This poem is for a woman that is going through hell and hot water. She is struggling. This poem will NEVER truly say what she is going through. But I'll keep her in my prayers, as well as her two boys. If no one else has love for you I do. Please don't give up.

Love:Mariah Burns-Williams (Unseenbeauty)

Author Notes: I don't really like people for this reason.

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22 Apr, 2013
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