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My Family
My Family

My Family

IvyIvy Lena

My Family

My family, nuclear in format
Advertising warmth, love, peace and harmony.
So lucky, am I, to be part of such an establishment
OR……….that is at least what I thought.

The baby out of five children, the runt of the litter.
Loved by all, but with conditions;
“Does as your told”, “Don’t speak back”
Never ever questioned this kind of attitude from the family pack,
Until…… The runt of the litter, was no more

My family don’t see nor hear the development of an intelligent human being.
Their green eyes only see what they wish they had.
How can this be? Such false advertising of the family dream!

My family, like a nuclear attack, when they hear and see
things, in their opinion are not wanted in the pack.
No longer advertising warmth, love, peace and harmony.
But silence to your face and evil chitter chatter behind your back.
How unlucky, am I, to be part of that.

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About The Author
Ivy Lena
About This Story
11 Jul, 2019
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<1 min
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