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My Farmiliar Cell
My Farmiliar Cell

My Farmiliar Cell


It is night time, and the light of the dim moon peers through the small barred window of the cell. The light illuminates this familiar cell, outlining every crack, every rodent, every old stain of blood. The cell door creaks, as the heavy metal is touched by the silent wind, tip toeing through the corridor. Then i hear as the snores of my fellow inmates silence the dripping of the broken tap. I sit in my isolated corner and sigh as I hear the faint chuckling of our cell leader in his sleep. I look back down at my worn, dirty feet and shiver as the icy breeze breaths down my back, triggering the pain of my recently scarred skin.

I take in everything I see around me, all of the disappointments and the sleeping criminal husks I call friends. I hear the thumping of heavy boots make their way down the corridor as the 'good guy' makes another round. I then surrender and let go of everything I have left, as the darkness seeps into me and the near silence deafens my conscience. In my head I say that I'm fine here, but In my core, I can't stand it any longer.

I crave the sound of my daughter's voice, I crave the threatening yells of my wife over the torment that happens here. I wish I could have saved my little girl, if only they hadn't caught me robbing the petrol station when I was just trying to get her what she needed. I wish I could have gotten her away from the screams and everything that had hurt us, the people who took her away from me. My little girl was my light in the dark but it was just a shame that the monsters had to shut down the power that made it glow. I look around this familiar cell with the anger flaring, hidden behind my pale grey eyes and listen as her cracking gunshot takes my precious child away from this world and away from mine.

The whimper of the clown wakes me from myself and I can feel his discomfort as he runs away from another policeman in his dreams. He has dreams like that every night. Only they are not dreams they are nightmares. Though they are nothing compared to what goes on in mine. I sit in the corner of this cold, familiar cell and I hate the way it reminds me of my own head and I just wish I could leave, but the door is to heavy and it's locked up tight. There is no hope for leaving, so I just sit in the darkness and look out at the only light. The light that is only just seeping in, though it is dim, it is there and though I can try hard to get out and reach it, there are always bars stopping me. It is night time, and the light of the dim moon looks through the small barred window and into my familiar cell. She can see in, she can see every crack, every rat, every old stain of blood and she can see that I'm a prisoner in my own mind.

Author Notes: Any sort of comment is welcome. Thankyou for reading.

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About This Story
19 Aug, 2018
Read Time
2 mins
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