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My Fault Reviews

9 reviews have given an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 Stars
WritingFeel gave a rating of 5

I appreciate what you write and how much awareness it brings keep it up

KyootieRawRxx gave a rating of 5

this story is amazing! it brought tears to my eyes, i love how passionate he was, the words just slid through my heart! it was so sad, now i know that you have to do something at a moment, cause in the future you never know if you can do it then..

mamiiiiii15 gave a rating of 5

This story is great! It made me realized that so many people are hurting out there and im not the only one! It made me cry and it made me think of a lot. You're way of writing is incredible like really incredible. I know im really late but i love this story

whyhere gave a rating of 5

I know that I'm like 2 years late reading this story but ur way of writing is outstanding this story helped me in various ways thanks for sharing this

GONE gave a rating of 5

this is great piece of writing. I was feeling down today and this made me feel better. sad stories make me feel better about my life.

NobodyImportant Huh. Stories like this don't usually make people feel better, but thanks. I appreciate it.
Author -
katrose123 gave a rating of 5

really it was so sad story it made me cry


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