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My First Love Online
My First Love Online

My First Love Online


One day I was gaming with my friend. I won't give a real name so we will call him Mitch. We were playing the very popular game of Fortnite. I figured me and Mitch should play squads to meet new people and socialize with kids. We joined a lobby and there were two other guys. They are our age and seemed friendly. I and Mitch got along with them well. After gaming with them on the first go on Fortnite they invited us to play with them again. We all played about six games with each other. We all would game on different days to keep in touch. After we all got comfortable with each other I had asked their age and their hobbies. They had told us and then we were asked the same question. These guys at first were shocked because I was a gamer girl and they had only played with one other gamer girl since they have been playing. Eventually, we played another couple of days and I asked them if they had snapchat. Neither of them had snapchat so one of them downloaded it which was the most curious one of all. He made an account and added me and Mitch. Again I won't give a real name so we will call him John. John texted me and MItch a lot but eventually, Mitch got annoyed with John and the way he acted so Mitch had unadded him on everything, the game, and snapchat. As for me I never unadded him but John asked me why Mitch unadded him. I told him that if Mitch wanted him to know why he would have told him. John said he understood.

John tried to get me to download an unpopular game called Rogue Company. No one plays Rogue because it has so many lags and glitches. I played it the first time with him and didn't like it at all because I found it too hard. I ended up playing by myself to try and get better to know how to feel about the game. I figured I should not judge it over only playing it once. Eventually, I got better and only play Rogue now. I tried to get Mitch to play but he didn't like it at all so he still only plays Fortnite. I told Mitch to just play it for like a week to get better then judge it but that's not how Mitch works. So he never played it again. Well, John would ask me to play Rogue with him while Mitch would ask me to play Fortnite with him. I told John I would love to play Rogue with him but Mitch was here before him and I'm going to choose to play with Mitch instead of John. John said he understands and so he just texted me instead of just playing with us.

A few days later John texts me again and tells me how he likes me. Well I also liked him but I didn't know how to respond. It was about ten minutes later that I had finally responded. My response was thanking him for letting me know his feelings and I told him I felt the same. Over time I chose John over Mitch and played rogue all the time with John. But John was not just a normal guy.

Author Notes: Part 2 coming soon!

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14 Oct, 2021
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2 mins
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