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My First Online Love Part 3
My First Online Love Part 3

My First Online Love Part 3


I had got a response from him a few days ago but have held off on writing about it because it was just an upsetting time. His response to me after adding him back after those two days and that long conversation we had was unadding me again. But before that, he told me he doesn't care to talk to me unless he wants to talk. He always left me on read or opened after that conversation. He showed he really didn't care about me being there for him and what I had to say. So I unadded him from all my games so he could no longer get in touch with me. I don't want to let him go but after such a long year with him still doing the same stuff like being rude, downgrading, and hurtful. I learned for myself it's better to let him go.

I grew insecure because of him. He would compliment my body and my personality one day then downgrade me the next. I then felt too insecure to take pictures of my face or a mirror picture because of the way he made me feel at times. So if he snapped I would only show the wall, floor, or ceiling. But I have learned to let him go and have not talked to him nor tried to get in touch. We have each other unadded from everything and yes I still think about him and what he would say and his laugh. You know just some of the good things but I try not to let it get to me because why whine over someone that never actually wanted you around anyway. I wish I let him go sooner so I wouldn't have felt as upset as I did about him leaving again.

My advice to just anyone is if someone shows you red flags let them go especially as soon as you see the red flags because if you wait longer it hurts more. I saw a quote in the past and this was during a time I and John were mad at each other and he was threatening me he would unadd me. This quote said, "A person who values you, wouldn't put themselves in a position to lose you." I wish I knew who wrote that quote because that quote really hits. I thought about that all the time. especially after the last time, he unadded me. That is when I decided I'm not going back no matter what. He put himself in that position of losing me. He will not be allowed to come back with an excuse anymore. So I and John are now back to being strangers and if something comes up I will share but I doubt anything will anytime soon.

Author Notes: I hope this was enjoyable to read!

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29 Oct, 2021
Read Time
2 mins
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