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My first real love? Part 1

My first real love? Part 1

By EmoGrlsXD

My fisrt real love? Part 1

"No! No! No!" I sceamed when i couldn't find my essay for 5th period, "It's not here! I can't believe i left it at home after all that work i did!" With a sad face i looked toward my friend Crystal for help. "Hey, dont look at me for help it's your fault not mine!" "Eh?! Come on Kiki cant you at least help me out!" As i was begging Kiki to help me, Kiki is what i call Crystal, i over heard some girls talking about a new transfer student."Hey Kiki, is it true we're getting a new student?" "Hmm? I have no idea you know those girls.... AND STOP CALLING ME KIKI!!!" While Kiki was yelling i focused on the girls confersation. "Ya i heard the teachers talkin' about it what i could hear they said its a guy and hes coming to our class." They said other things but i could bearly hear them over Kiki, " Are you listening!?" Not listening, of course, i went back to searching for my essay. After a few minutes i found it in my pocket folded up, " Heh, should have known...." Not even minute passed when our teacher finally walked into the room, and should have known our newcomer came right behond him. "Everyone sit down and be quiet. I'm going to introduce our new student, This is Edward Herrmann. Please be kind to him he just came from Germany and he still is practicing English. Hmmm? Alice! You will take care of Edward until he knows how to get around the school and in town, understand?" No, i didn't. Why me? What am i going to do if he needs to... I don't know... go to the bathroom or something? Thats embarassing, not only for me but probaly for him to!
**After class**
"I ended up having to accept the job, Kiki please help me with him!" "Sorry im busy. I have a REAL job, remeber?" Now i have to be alone with some strange guy i don't even know, what if he tries something. What if he rapes me! No, i don't want to be raped by some strange guy! "Umm, Edward erm... should i show you around the school or something?" Nothing he just stares! He's really starting to get me mad. "Sure, whatever." Ohmigod! It spoke. "Ok, what do you want to see first?" For a few minutes he just stared and looked around then finally, "Why not show me the town or something." It hit me, a date.This is gonna be like a date! "Well, a.. ok.. uh oh! meet me hear at 4 o'clock, k? That gives us time to change our clothes and get ready!" "Ok." A date im going on a date! Waaah! Kiki help me!

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15 Jul, 2011
Read Time
2 mins
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