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my friend

my friend

By cierrajanay

hi my names cierra,

i have a friend her name is mist she, is cool and awesome and she likes every thing i like i mean every thing.

it all started when i was five i got bullied in school and i got really depressed at a young age.So i have been depressed for thirteen years and i always had a friend "mist" she, has been there for me forever! and we shared so many things like secrets and stuff and so when i was ten mist had friends of her own and my friends just kept growing.

finally i told my mom how depressed i was and she took me to the doctors and now im on medicine and i been taking it for a while now and mist isnt here any more i miss her a lot and i wish she would come back because she was like a sister to me. but now shes gone... completely gone... i try not to cry and i try to make friends but people still bully me.

i never felt so lonely in my whole life now i have no friends at all and im stuck with people who think im ugly and fat i try to imagine mist but its not the same any more...

i hope no one ever has to be as lonely as me in there life because we only have ONE life to live and we dont get a second chance.

so it does matter that your here if you are sad and down and depressed think about i mean really think about it you only have one life to live so who cares if people thing your ugly dumb fat awkward just ignore them and live! dont cut your self because your just hurting your self and people want! you to feel that way but deep inside i know every one is special that means "YOU TO!" i live by ( beyond darkness light appears)

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20 Mar, 2011
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