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My Friend
My Friend

My Friend

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I have a friend. His name is Jace. He is my best friend. I can talk to him about anything and everything. He has short curly dark brown hair, which usually sits messily atop his head. His skin is a light tan, and his eyes are as blue as the ocean. He's also taller than me standing at about 6'4. Jace is always there for me and he never judges. He's helped me through some tough times.

I met him a couple weeks after my best friend and my brother were killed at a store robbery. I had heard the news from my parents, then locked myself in my room. I stayed there for days, thinking about how unfair it was. My parents had tried to get me to come out and eat, but I didn't feel hungry. I didn't feel much of anything after my two favorite people died. I didn't have a lot of friends to begin with, but when I stopped responding to their texts and calls, they stopped sending them. I felt utterly alone, as if I was the only person in the whole universe. But one day, that all changed.

My parents were knocking on my door for what seemed like the millionth time, demanding me to go eat. I told them I would later, but they wouldn't leave me alone. I turned on my side and held my pillow against my ear. They didn't understand that I was tired. They didn't get that I wanted them to stop bothering me.

After a while they stopped banging on the door and left me alone with my thoughts. The peace didn't stay though.

The peace never stays anymore.

I heard rustling in my room and thought nothing of it, knowing it was probably just the wind, since I had my window open. When the noise wouldn't stop I turned to see what it was. When my eyes fell onto the figure, I froze. It wasn't the wind.

The tall boy stared back at me, holding one of my books he had pulled from my bookshelf.

"Hey," he said awkwardly waving his hand, "I'm Jace."

When I met Jace I was terrified there was someone in my room, but I soon found out he was completely harmless. At least, to me he was.

He told me he had climbed in from my window, hoping to make a new friend. Of course I didn't believe a word he said and told him to leave.

He didn't.

Instead, he begged me not to make him leave, and told me the real story.

He had been running from a bunch of 6 year olds, since he had tripped one of them when they were walking past him. Jace said he saw my open window and thought it would be perfect to hide from the "little gremlins" as he had called them. After he finished telling me the story I bursted out laughing. It was the first time I had laughed, or even smiled since the incident. I instantly clicked with Jace after that. We talked about all sorts of things, with him cracking jokes throughout the whole conversation.

I always thought it was a little weird how similar Jace was to my brother and best friend. My brother, Alexander, but everyone always called him Ace, had the same brown hair as Jace, and was always telling interesting stories. Ace also had a short temper, and whenever Jace and I went out of my house, he'd always find something to get mad about. One time he had started shouting about how idiotic deers were.

"They don't even look both ways before crossing the street!" He had said.

My best friend's name was Jacob, and he shared Jace's amazingly blue eyes. Jacob was the funniest person I knew, and always did crazy things.

Like climbing into my room from the window.

Even Jace's name was like Jacob and Ace put together. Sure it was weird. But I liked how similar Jace was to them. He was the light that found me in a world that appeared to have plunged into eternal darkness. He was the reason I started trying to live again.

He was my best friend.

Author Notes: I'm thinking either one or two more parts..

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18 Feb, 2022
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3 mins
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