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My friend Gabriel

My friend Gabriel

By lillith123

I was in grade one when i met Gabriel. We became the best of friends. But she never wanted me to go to her house. We always had sleepover at mine. 2 years went by and we were still best friends. But one day changed. Gabby came to school with a black eye and a broken arm, I asked her what happened and she said she fell down her stairs. I believed this because her staircase to the front door is very tall and long. Weeks still went be and she came to school with more bruises. She kept telling me that she fell down the stairs. I stopped believing her after she broke her arm again. I took her other arm (carefully) and walked her to the shed at the back of the school. She told me the whole story that her parents hated her and abused her all the time. She always wanted a friend. She was glad i was her friend. I finally found out why we always had sleep overs at my house. She didn't want anything to happen. Later that day Gabby went home early. 3 days went by and she didn't come to school. a month or 2 went by still no Gabby. After 3 months went by i finally found out Gabby had died. Her parents had killed her in her sleep. She had been stabbed in the stomach and beaten to death. Gabby was my best friend and probably only friend. Going back to school was hard. I needed new friends and to get over Gabby. She was like my sister and i will never forget her.

I love you Gabby <3 R.I.P. Gabriel Destiny Tessa 1998- 2006

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4 Apr, 2011
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