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My Friend

My Friend

By Shadowwriter - 1 Review

The man sighed and closed his eyes beginning his story, one normally not told, one he had committed to memory.
“One time there was a young boy, a young warrior boy. This young boy was very misfortunate. Trouble seemed to always find him, and by the time he was fourteen almost every one he’d loved was dead. The boy, hardly a boy any more with his tough life, begun to think of companions only as pain.
“One day he met anther young man, just a bit younger then him, who insisted on traveling with him. ‘No no! you mustn’t come with me’ the boy with the heartache cried out when he heard of the other boys plans. ‘I am surely bad luck, if you wish to live a happy life find your own way but be careful to never tread mine!’ he warned. But the other boy paid no heed to the warning.
“The two traveled for many months and nothing all two horrible was bestowed upon them, save for the occasional storm, and one day they found a girl. She was very young and had no parents. The newer boy said she could travel along with them but the other soon rejected the idea, ‘No no! you mustn’t come with me, you should both leave me now for I am bad luck and nothing good can come of this’ he proclaimed, but the two stayed all the same.
“More months past and nothing happened though the pained warrior always lived in fear. In time, though, he began to forget his fear and just loved his two friends that had grown to be his family and companions were no longer just pain. But whenever your guard drops is when the attack starts.
“One day the trio was walking through the woods when they were attacked. The newer boy and young girl where killed. The young man seethed with rage and anger but it was all directed upon himself. ‘Alas’ cried the boy, ‘I foretold this grim truth, why oh why would they not listen?’ The man dug two graves and buried the bodies and as the last pieces of dirt fell into place over his still friends he made a promise. He promised from now on he was only to travel alone because he could help no companion only wound them.
“The boy then left the two freshly dug graves not looking behind and not bothering to ever return. Not shedding a tear as he left. And the boy soon grew into an alone man and eventually an old man with unshed tears still glistening in his eyes from the pain of companions.”
His wrinkled eyes still closed he saw the tale he told. He felt the emotions, all to clearly. and it was only when his eyes opened once more did he realize that those years were in his past.

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About This Story
3 Oct, 2009
Read Time
2 mins
3.0 (1 review)

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