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My Half Love Story

My Half Love Story

By soham7

It was a warm summer afternoon. I was returning from my accountancy classes and heading towards my math classes with my friends. We had back to back classes that day.
 We entered the class, I greeted my professor and sat on my seat. I still remember that I saw two girls sitting together, chit chatting and scribbling something in their books. That was the very first time I saw her. Believe me, her smile was so mesmerising that I couldn't get my eyes off her. 
One of my friends noticed me noticing her and asked me if I liked her. I just ignored my friend and carried on with my work. As days passed, I started liking her. I liked attending classes as I could get to see her. I don't exactly remember how I spoke to her for the first time, I guess I asked for the solution of a question. We started talking to each other eventually. I sent her a friend request on a social networking site, as expected, she accepted it. I sent her a msg asking if she attended one of the lectures in our classes and that is how I started messaging her on that site. Then one day she asked me for my contact number. I was on cloud nine. That is how we started texting each other. 
When school reopened, I found out that she and one of my friend, were in the same class. I saw it as great opportunity as I could see her everyday and have a healthy conversation with her. After every lecture, I'd wait for my friend outside his classroom hoping she'd notice me and we could talk. Then one day our school announced that we were being taken for an excursion trip to a highway side tourist destination. That day she asked me if I was coming. I said I wasn't sure. The very next evening I messaged her saying that I was coming. She didn't show much excitement, that was expected.
 I'll take y'all to the trip day directly.
On the first day of the trip, all the students were having a blast at the swimming pool. My eyes were constantly looking out for her. She wasn't seen anywhere. The following evening we had a DJ Night. I was standing outside with my friends and it suddenly started pouring. Just then I saw her walking  towards the venue. She was looking very beautiful in a white top which she carried very gracefuly. I asked her if I could get into her umbrella and she said yes ! I felt as if I were on the top of the world. My best friend was seeing all this and was very excited. The trip ended after another day and we were back home. We used to text each other almost everyday. We eventually became very good friends. So much, that people started thinking that we were dating. Many of our common friends would question my best friends when they'd see us walking together after school hours, laughing and having an amazing time. I started feeling that she liked me too. In fact some of her friends also thought the same. One day I told her best friend about how I felt for her, and frankly, she was very happy to know that. She told me she'd help me. She'd say all good things about me, to my love. I was very delighted and thought I stood a chance. Then one day, I took all the courage, and wrote down everything I felt about her. I sent it to her through a text message. She was in class at that time, she read it and simply replied by saying that she wasn't ready for all this and didn't know a thing about dating. She insisted that we be friends and that nothing changed between us. I was turned down. But I still continued being friends with her. As days passed, we became better friends and my feelings towards her were becoming more intense. 
One day, in December, I asked her why was she so sceptical about being in a relationship. It almost turned into an argument. I said that there was no harm in dating, but she insisted that we were better off friends. We spoke about this for about two days, and then ended this conversion, abruptly. I was taken aback. We were very normal after that. 
Even now we have a lot arguments but we're always back to normal after some time. My friends keep saying that I should stop talking to her and move on. They think I should look out for another girl. But I can neither move on, nor can I have the same feelings for any other girl. In fact I'm not even interested in any other girl as of now.
It's been more than a year now, and my admiration has turned into true love. Though she says that she doesn't feel for me, and my friends say I should move on, I'm still living with the expectation that someday she'll understand how much I love her and she'll accept me too. Hoping to complete My Half Love Story soon.

Author Notes: I'm not a writer as such, I'm just another guy. I'm bringing to you My Half Love Story. If y'all enjoy it then don't forget to like, rate, share & leave your comments below. :)

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12 Jul, 2015
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4 mins
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