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My Home

My Home

By KevinT

My mom is crying again. I try to think that she is happy smiling like the day I was born, which was the only day she ever smile again. My dad is drunk again and he is already pass out on the sofa. My mom's crying stops, then again I go calmly to the roof of my house. I sit there until midnight, sometimes I even sleep on the roof, so I can't hear the fights of my parents. Now I see and live everyday the same routine. My dad drinks, my mom gets into fights with him and I just stay here on the roof. Suddenly I fell asleep. The next day my parents were at work. I would play my guitar when they were gone, that way nobody would get disturbed. Sometimes I would like to run away. Tonight my dad got very angry and drunk. I was having dinner, when he entered to the kitchen with my mom. He pushed her and threw her to the floor. I got up and punch him to the face. He then pushed me and took out his revolver. He pointed the gun at me, my mom got up and stand in front me. Then... then I just saw blood. I saw my dad he was shocked, he then knew what he had done. He got desesperate and shot himself. I was in my knees with my both parents dead. I scream so badly, I was hurt, left in the dark and with nobody there to calm me. In a few seconds the police came, I was still there on my knees. I was calm, I didn't know what to think. I felt so empty, so lost. I went up my room got my guitar and backpack and went out running. For I moment I felt free then knew I was lost with no rode ahead...

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About This Story
13 Jul, 2011
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1 min
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