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My Hopeless Crush
My Hopeless Crush

My Hopeless Crush

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The day İ see her face. İ didint feel anything.

We were working same place, and i was her boss.

The thing is whenever i talked to her and heard problems she have.

İ should ve ran.

But i didnt..

İ helped her own personel problems.

Tried to make her happy.

We hang out few times.

And we both felt happy and free. i know it. i saw it in her eyes and face.

Then we got closer and closer.

She hugged and cried couple times when she felt angry, sad or weak.

And i was always with her that moments.

İ thought yes she has such a horrible past. and still the same problems comes out. but i loved the way she is.

She was so strong and beatifull.

So i decided to talk about my felings and i did. She stared at me her eyes were smiling . She was happy and i wanted to say OMG MARRY ME.

Then she said " i love you too. more than others "

Next day she just said dont be mad or sad. but it wont gonna happen.

So i was confused.

Why did she even said that.??

İ have peacefull life in a silent place. i have no problems at all. i wanted to make her unbearable life better. İ knew her problems will be mine but i accepted that.

But she just said that.

İ was sad and thoughtfull that week.

Asking myself WHY.?

We didint stop talking of course. we re still hanging around. ( as a friend )

But her actings are like we are ten years married couple^^

So im still confused.

What we are is not clear yet.

Any advices or thoughts?

Author Notes: Fall in love when youre ready.
Not when youre lonely.

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8 Sep, 2019
Read Time
1 min
3.5 (2 reviews)

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